Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Fast 5 Miles

What a fun race weekend! A 5 mile race on Saturday and then I got to pace lead for the first time on Sunday.  I’ll talk about the pace leading in a separate blog post.

DRC White Rock & Roll 5 Mile Race

The DRC had two distances for the race on Saturday morning.  5 & 10 miles.  I usually go with the longer distances, but chose to go with the shorter distance since I would be doing 13 miles the next day.

It was probably my fastest race ever! I averaged 8:10 for the race with my last 2 miles coming in around 7:45.  My time was 40:50.


I would have never thought that I could go that fast.  CRAZY!  I was definitely pushing it!  My cardio was doing everything it could to hold on.  I beat my previous 5 mile PR by close to 4 minutes.  Since I gave it all I had, I was kind of hoping to place.  OK, I was really hoping I would get some blingage.  There were some speedies in front of me as I finished 5th out of 19 in my age group.  Maybe next time.

The race was a lot of fun with pizza and other good eats.  They also had some great raffle prizes.  Unfortunately, they didn’t call my number.

Only 11 more days until I run in my second marathon in the Cleveland Marathon.

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That is awesome Congrats

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