Friday, May 14, 2010

Cleveland Marathon!

cleveland marathonI cannot believe that I’m less than 36 hours away from running in my second marathon.  Butterflies have been hanging out in my stomach the whole week… or maybe it’s been all the pasta that I’ve been eating!

I cannot wait to run in this marathon! The Cleveland Marathon will be a special one to run since I’ll be running it in my birthplace.  It’ll be great to have family there cheering me and Denise on as we run.

I think that I’m pretty well prepared, but ugly self doubt creeps in my head every once in awhile.  I feel like I’ve got a great plan for the race.  I’m planning on doing the following:

  • Miles 1-8:   10:00 minute pace
  • Miles 9-13    9:40 minute pace
  • Miles 14-20   9:20 minute pace
  • Miles 21-26   9:00 minute pace

This should put me on track for a time of 4:11:40 give or take.  This doesn’t really include any stops that I’ll have to make.  So, my true goal is 4:15.

I’m flying out Saturday morning, hitting the expo with Denise, and then a pasta dinner with the family.  Fun, fun, fun!

I’m bummed that the runner tracking text service is not available for this race.  At the last minute, I received an email from the race that the system crashed.  Being just a tad IT savvy, I thought the excuse was pretty lame.  This seems like a must have for any race!

Anyway, I’ll be updating Twitter and eventually my blog with how the race went after I complete it.


Anonymous said...

Trust your for the butterflies, well, they are there to let you know that you can fly!

TxTriSkatemom said...

Good luck! Run hard, run safe & HAVE FUN!! & no jumping over barricades!

I'll be sending you thoughts & prayers!