Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I’ll be Running in a Skirt!?!

Yes, you read it right… I’ll be running in a skirt.  On Sunday, May 2nd, myself and 15 other guys will don running skirts and pace for the Heels and Hills Half Marathon race.

The Heels and Hills race series is a great series that caters to women.  85-90% of the participants are women.  There are no awards for men.  Men can definitely run in the races, but it’s all about focusing on women.  I’m a huge fan of the Heels and Hills Race Director, Libby Jones.  She is such an inspiration to myself and so many other runners.  This will be such a fun event!

Lynne Fools 25K 2010-crop I got started in this running thing because of my sister, Denise.  If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be on the couch watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy.  She is a huge inspiration to me!  Whenever I run, I think of that smile on her face that you see in the picture on the right.  It just beams of “I love what I’m doing!”  Throughout the last 2 years of my short running career, she has encouraged me tirelessly.  Answering all of my silly newbie running questions with such joy!  She could definitely empathize with me as she went through each stage of doubt, anticipation, and excitement.

Denise and I definitely weren’t the athletic types of the family.  We were trying to get away with our charm and good looks.  It’s so cool, that running has enabled us to achieve something that definitely felt out of reach.

We have grown so much closer over the last couple of years.  Being separated by 1,100+ miles has been shortened by discussions of long runs, tempo runs, and the occasional fartlek.  My family and I live in the Dallas area and Denise’s family lives in the Cleveland area.  I’m looking forward to running in the Cleveland Marathon with her on Sunday, May 16th.

I’ll be running in a skirt to honor my sister that got me into this crazy thing called running.

Follow Denise on Twitter as she’s started to dabble in the Twitterverse.


Fawn said...

Great post. You sound like a great brother to me. Good luck with heels and hills.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is a great brother! In fact he is my favorite brother! Did I say he is my only brother! Oh brother!