Monday, April 26, 2010

Oklahoma City Half Marathon Recap

2010-04-24 14.23.17_Oklahoma City_Oklahoma_US-croppedWhat a fun weekend!  It was such a blast to take the Dallas Running Club bus to OKC.  They’re such a great group of dedicated runners. 

I met up with Felix & Jeff bright and early on Saturday to catch the DRC bus.  We got some great seats on the bus.  After a group photo or two, we were off for OKC.  Heather & Stacy created a fun environment… Peace, Love, & DRC.

After a nice bus ride we checked into the hotel.  Thanks to Felix & Jeff for letting me share a room with them.  I brought the areobed so that I could catch my ZZZ’s in comfort.

We checked out the expo after trying to check into the hotel.  Our room wasn’t quite ready.  The expo was an average size, but VERY crowded.  I probably would’ve had spent more money, but was kind of pushed out of shopping areas.  The Cox Convention Center is big enough… they should have grabbed some more space.

I did snag a couple of shirts and a pair of sunglasses.  One of the bargain shirts I found was too small, so I gave it to my son.  He likes my hand me downs.  I definitely give better hand me downs than my dad gave me. (Sorry, Dad!)

I was able to hook up with a Twitter friend – Glenn McDaniel in the expo.  Pretty cool how Twitter makes this world so much smaller.  Also great to catch up with TXSkateMom. She rocked her 8th marathon!

For dinner, our group went to an Italian restaurant which was really nice.  The food was great.  Afterward, Jeff, Felix, & I checked out the OKC Memorial.  I’ve seen the memorial a handful of times, but each time it still grabs me in an emotional way.  It’s just pretty ugly what people are capable of doing.

We got to bed and before we knew it, we were getting up to run our tails off.  We arrived at the start with a few minutes to spare.  The weather was pretty much perfect for a half marathon.  It started off in the 50’ and probably warmed to the 60’s.

Overall, I felt pretty good about the race.  I missed my PR by 9 seconds with a time of 1:53:11.  I’m very happy with this time as it was a very hilly race.  I don’t think I’ll ever run a full marathon at this race.  Those last miles are not cool!  As well, it’s always windy in OK.

2010-04-25 09.03.17_Oklahoma City_Oklahoma_US-croppedUsually, I’m against cheeseburgers at 8:30 in the morning, but I couldn’t resist. It hit the spot and wasn’t too greasy at all.







My 1:53:11 time equaled a pace of 8:38 per minute. Some cool numbers:

  • I came in 760th place out of 6,465 Half Marathon runners.  Top 11%
  • 537th place out of 2,126 male Half Marathon runners.  Top 21% of men runners.
  • 61st place out of 268 runners in my age division – Male 40-44.

I wish the OKC Race Director would provide tech shirts instead of t-shirts.  I would pay extra for the tech shirt.  I don’t really wear t-shirts that often.  As well, it’s a huge bummer not to get a finisher’s shirt for the Half Marathon.  What’s up with that!?!  I ran all of your hills, give me my tech shirt!

For a bit of history… it’s cool to see my blog concerning the OKC Half Marathon from last year.  What a difference a year makes.


TxTriSkatemom said...

Top 11%? you are my hero!! What a rock star! love the perspective of last year's report, too. You're so cool!

Felix said...

You PR that course by over 17 minutes!!! Great job man!!!