Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biggest Loser in Dallas #BL9

IMG_1921-cropped-2It was so much fine to hang out with the Biggest Loser contestants back in February.  It was also very cool to see the 5 hours of production turned into 15 minutes of footage.  Here’s some pictures that Felix took with his camera.

I got a lot of tweets and texts during the show when people spotted me.  Very cool!  I’ll probably try to grab some of the video of where myself and others I know were spotted on the show.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Watch me on the Biggest Loser!

Tune into the Biggest Loser tomorrow night to see me hanging out with the Biggest Loser contestants.  I won’t say anything to give anything away, but here’s a pic of Felix and myself in our BL t-shirts.biggestloserWe make pink look good, don’t we!?!

You’ll also get to see some other DRCers and Twitter favorite: TxSkateMom.  DRC peeps that were there: EW, Mark Olateju, and Kevin & Katie Luper.

Oklahoma City Half Marathon Recap

2010-04-24 14.23.17_Oklahoma City_Oklahoma_US-croppedWhat a fun weekend!  It was such a blast to take the Dallas Running Club bus to OKC.  They’re such a great group of dedicated runners. 

I met up with Felix & Jeff bright and early on Saturday to catch the DRC bus.  We got some great seats on the bus.  After a group photo or two, we were off for OKC.  Heather & Stacy created a fun environment… Peace, Love, & DRC.

After a nice bus ride we checked into the hotel.  Thanks to Felix & Jeff for letting me share a room with them.  I brought the areobed so that I could catch my ZZZ’s in comfort.

We checked out the expo after trying to check into the hotel.  Our room wasn’t quite ready.  The expo was an average size, but VERY crowded.  I probably would’ve had spent more money, but was kind of pushed out of shopping areas.  The Cox Convention Center is big enough… they should have grabbed some more space.

I did snag a couple of shirts and a pair of sunglasses.  One of the bargain shirts I found was too small, so I gave it to my son.  He likes my hand me downs.  I definitely give better hand me downs than my dad gave me. (Sorry, Dad!)

I was able to hook up with a Twitter friend – Glenn McDaniel in the expo.  Pretty cool how Twitter makes this world so much smaller.  Also great to catch up with TXSkateMom. She rocked her 8th marathon!

For dinner, our group went to an Italian restaurant which was really nice.  The food was great.  Afterward, Jeff, Felix, & I checked out the OKC Memorial.  I’ve seen the memorial a handful of times, but each time it still grabs me in an emotional way.  It’s just pretty ugly what people are capable of doing.

We got to bed and before we knew it, we were getting up to run our tails off.  We arrived at the start with a few minutes to spare.  The weather was pretty much perfect for a half marathon.  It started off in the 50’ and probably warmed to the 60’s.

Overall, I felt pretty good about the race.  I missed my PR by 9 seconds with a time of 1:53:11.  I’m very happy with this time as it was a very hilly race.  I don’t think I’ll ever run a full marathon at this race.  Those last miles are not cool!  As well, it’s always windy in OK.

2010-04-25 09.03.17_Oklahoma City_Oklahoma_US-croppedUsually, I’m against cheeseburgers at 8:30 in the morning, but I couldn’t resist. It hit the spot and wasn’t too greasy at all.







My 1:53:11 time equaled a pace of 8:38 per minute. Some cool numbers:

  • I came in 760th place out of 6,465 Half Marathon runners.  Top 11%
  • 537th place out of 2,126 male Half Marathon runners.  Top 21% of men runners.
  • 61st place out of 268 runners in my age division – Male 40-44.

I wish the OKC Race Director would provide tech shirts instead of t-shirts.  I would pay extra for the tech shirt.  I don’t really wear t-shirts that often.  As well, it’s a huge bummer not to get a finisher’s shirt for the Half Marathon.  What’s up with that!?!  I ran all of your hills, give me my tech shirt!

For a bit of history… it’s cool to see my blog concerning the OKC Half Marathon from last year.  What a difference a year makes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Track me at the OKC Half Marathon

okc-iphone-appIf you’ve got an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad… track me while I’m running the half marathon in Oklahoma City. I’ll be running the race bright and early Sunday morning.  The start time is at 6:30am.  So, while you’re getting ready for church, you can cheer me on!

They’ve created an app that will have bib tracking.  My bib number is H935.  There will be other cool features in the app, but the bib tracking will allow you to see where I’m at in the race.

I’d like to beat my previous best of 1:53:02 which is a 8:37 minute per mile pace.  This will be pretty challenging.  However, I’ll want to make sure not to over do it as I’ll be running in a full marathon 3 weeks later in Cleveland.  I’ve got to play it smart so that I’m ready for the race that I’ve really been training for in Cleveland.

Hopefully next year they’ll have an Android application.  :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I’ll be Running in a Skirt!?!

Yes, you read it right… I’ll be running in a skirt.  On Sunday, May 2nd, myself and 15 other guys will don running skirts and pace for the Heels and Hills Half Marathon race.

The Heels and Hills race series is a great series that caters to women.  85-90% of the participants are women.  There are no awards for men.  Men can definitely run in the races, but it’s all about focusing on women.  I’m a huge fan of the Heels and Hills Race Director, Libby Jones.  She is such an inspiration to myself and so many other runners.  This will be such a fun event!

Lynne Fools 25K 2010-crop I got started in this running thing because of my sister, Denise.  If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be on the couch watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy.  She is a huge inspiration to me!  Whenever I run, I think of that smile on her face that you see in the picture on the right.  It just beams of “I love what I’m doing!”  Throughout the last 2 years of my short running career, she has encouraged me tirelessly.  Answering all of my silly newbie running questions with such joy!  She could definitely empathize with me as she went through each stage of doubt, anticipation, and excitement.

Denise and I definitely weren’t the athletic types of the family.  We were trying to get away with our charm and good looks.  It’s so cool, that running has enabled us to achieve something that definitely felt out of reach.

We have grown so much closer over the last couple of years.  Being separated by 1,100+ miles has been shortened by discussions of long runs, tempo runs, and the occasional fartlek.  My family and I live in the Dallas area and Denise’s family lives in the Cleveland area.  I’m looking forward to running in the Cleveland Marathon with her on Sunday, May 16th.

I’ll be running in a skirt to honor my sister that got me into this crazy thing called running.

Follow Denise on Twitter as she’s started to dabble in the Twitterverse.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Marathon is Big, but a 5K is Huge!

2010-04-06 18.23.50-cropped Last night was our first training run for the Fellowship Technologies Couch to 5k Training Program.  We had a great turnout of 20 employees.  All were eager to give this running thing a try.  It was great to see how the encouragement was so contagious amongst everyone.

We followed Week 1, Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program which consisted of the following:

  • 5 minute brisk walk
  • 8 repeats of the following:
    • 60 seconds of jogging
    • 90 seconds of walking
  • 5 minute cool down walk

Everyone did very well!  I made sure to stress that running is really an individual sport that is done at your individual pace.  After the run, I reminded everyone that a 5K is 3.1 miles.  I surprised everyone and let them know that they travelled 2.25 miles by doing the above and it was only the first day.  They can do this!

Last month I mentioned that FT would be having this training program.  It’s awesome to see the excitement surrounding it.  48 employees have signed up for the program.

So what’s up with the title of this blog?  Yes, a Marathon is a big deal, a big event, however, moving from nothing (the couch) to a 5K is HUGE!  Individuals training for their first marathon are already used to some level of training.  The difference is that they just have to bump it up and get past some perceived physical & mental hurdles.  Whereas couchers are making a huge conscious decision to make a positive change in their life.  They’re showing up (getting off the couch) to training runs which is a huge first step.  I'm proud of each and everyone of the Couch to 5K participants!

Personally and selfishly, it’s an incredible feeling to be a part of this program.  I just love seeing everyone get into the program and cannot wait to see the sense of accomplishment that they’ll experience. 

It is my hope and prayer that everyone stays healthy & mentally strong to stick with the 9 weeks of the program.  Everyone can do this!