Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rock n Roll Half Marathon Rocked my Birthday

This last weekend was an awesome birthday weekend!

Rock n Roll Half Marathon Expo

My son, Cairo went to the expo with me on Saturday.  I love having him come along as we always make an adventure out of whatever we do.  For example, when we drove down there, we didn’t want to pay $8 or $10 for parking so we walked a few blocks when we parked on the street.  Bummer thing is that we needed $3 worth of quarters for the parking meter.  We walked over to McDonald’s to purchase an order of fries.  It was a great excuse to share some fries and get change for the meter.

There were a lot of people at the Expo on Saturday, but it wasn’t too bad.  There were just about right the number of vendors.  Two highlights of the Expo…

2010-03-13 12.50.46_Dallas_Texas_US 1 – I got to meet John “the Penguin” Bingham as he was moderating and guest speaking.  He’s the author of one my favorite running books: No Need for Speed: A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running.  I was given this book when I started running and have also given it to others starting out.  If you’re remotely interested in running,  RUN and get this book!

2010-03-13 13.06.18_Dallas_Texas_US 2 – I finally got to meet Lee & Isis affectionately referred to on Twitter as the @runningcouple.  I have gotten to know them over the past few months on Twitter and love their positive attitude about running and building relationships.  They are a must follow for Twitter.  Check out their blog at http://therunningcouple.com/.

My First TweetUp!

I finally got out and "lived a little" as I went to my first TweetUp.  What is a TweetUp?  A TweetUp is where you actually meet with people that you've been communicating with in Twitter in real life.  Yikes - scary!  It was fun!  Everyone was very cool.  I got to meet @runningcouple @seekrisrun @asingulargirl @JenZenator @jenn_if_er @bemadthen @TriBoomer @Kimberlyrunner @acmedragon337 We met at Campisi's in Dallas.


Before the race, I met with Twitter and Dallas Running Club (DRC) friends.  I found Steve Griffin and we lined up in the back of Corral 3.  Before I started the race, Felix found me and wished me a Happy Birthday which was super nice.  After we started the race he took off and knocked out a killer time - 1:42.  I'm so proud of what he's done from losing 70 pounds to getting faster & faster!

I LOVED the start of the race.  Normally when the gun goes off in a race, everyone goes, or at least they try.  However, in this race, they held off so many people at a time, for exampled Corral 3 was broken into two groups.  They would let the first group go and then held the next to wait.  Why did I love this start?  For a couple of reasons:  1) We got to start like we were the elites... they brought us right up to the starting line and we had our own count down.  This was way cool as it really built the excitement level up!  2) This made it so that we weren't right on top of people in front of us.  We were pretty well evenly spaced out and didn't have to weave in out of other runners.

2010-03-14 10.08.12_Dallas_Texas_USIt was a joy to run with Steve.  Our race plan was pretty much the same - start at about a 8:50 pace, maintain, and then do negative splits toward the end of the race.

I felt great during a majority of the race.  Felt my legs getting a bit sluggish during the end of the race, but pushed through it.  I was so happy to hit my Birthday PR with a time of 1:53:02.  My previous Half Marathon best was 1:55:21 back in November.  It's a pretty awesome feeling to knock off 10 seconds per mile with an average pace of 8:38 per mile.

My Results

Age: 43 Gender: M
Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 1:58:06
Chip Time 1:53:02
Overall Place 1475 / 9244
Gender Place 1048 / 3454
Division Place 163 / 539
Age Grade 55.9%
Pace 8:38
Ttlrace 9244
Ttldiv 539
Ttlsex 3454
5 Km 27:39
10 Km 54:58
7 Mi 1:01:56
10 Mi 1:27:23


stacy-1 After the race, I met up with my DRC friends and shared our tales of the last 13.1 miles.  A highlight was the Lettuce Wraps provided by P.F. Chang's.  Thanks to my friend Stacy for honoring my birthday by wearing a special shirt for Jeff and myself.



A couple of weeks ago, we purchased a used 2007 PT Cruiser.  Pretty darn happy with it so far.  Seeing how we only got one key, I set out to get some additional keys.  On Saturday, I bought some valet keys since I didn't want to pay big bucks for the remote keyfob. It was my understanding that the valet key would unlock the driver's door and ignition, but not the trunk, glove box, or other secure storage areas within the car.

Well, we found out the hard way, that wasn't the case for the PT Cruiser. It actually only allowed the car to work for a short period of time. 

I went down early to the race riding on the DART from Plano.  Ursula and the kids were going to meet me at mile 6 and then the Finish Line.  Well, mile 6 and then the backup plan of mile 8 came along and I didn't see Urs and the kids.  I was then hoping to see them at the Finish Line. But didn't see them there either.  After I finished, I saw 3 texts from Ursula explaining the problem with starting of the car.  Ugggghhhh!!  She and the kids were bummed about not being able to make it to the race.  They welcomed me home with decorations and yummy cupcakes.

Dinner and a Movie

After chilling at home, had a wonderful dinner with the family at Razzoo's Cajun Restaurant in Plano.  After dinner enjoyed checking in Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  The movie was what I expected in the zaniness department.  The 3D affects were way cool.  I haven't seen a 3D movie for a long time and I was very impressed.  Briana giggled the whole way through the previews and she loved the 3D affects during the movie.

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An 8:38 pace? Brother, you are crazy! That's awesome! Congratulations, it sounds like a truly amazing weekend. Happy birthday again :)