Thursday, March 18, 2010

Race Photos

Evan-Pilchick-Race-for-the-Roses I try not to vent too much through tweeting and blogging, but I’ve just got to get this off of my chest.

Ever since I’ve started running a couple of years, I thought it was super cool that that there were photographers out there snapping pictures of us ordinary Joes running in a race.  However, I’ve always had sticker shock every time that I’ve gone to the photographer’s website to view the pictures.  For example, check out my pictures from the last race at the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  $34.95 for one digital image or $64.95 for all digital images.  Gee whiz!  Yes, I understand that it costs a lot to have the photographers all over the course and for labor to tag all of the photos.  But, I really believe that there would be more photos sold if they were reasonably priced.

I would consider purchasing photos at $10 each or $30 for all available photos. If I did this and several other thousand people did than I’m sure that you’d make more money currently from the few hundred photos that you sell.  OK, I’m making up my own numbers here, but you get my point.

By the way, the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon had the most photographers that I’ve seen at a race.  Yes, I look for them! My running sister, Denise taught me to look for them and to SMILE!  As well, they went above and beyond and had a video of the Finish Line.  That was way cool to see me hightailing across that line!

I was as well impressed with how quickly the Dallas Rock n Roll got the pictures.  I got an email on the next day that they were available for viewing.  That’s crazy fast!  Most other races they’re usually posted by Wednesday or Thursday.

Here’s some other blog posts that think race photos are too expensive:

Come on photographer dudes and dudettes, I’d really like to purchase race photos, but it shouldn’t cost as much as the race for a photo or two!

What are you thoughts on race photos? Why aren’t the photos cheaper? I feel like the photographers are just leaving money on the table.

OK… back to positive tweeting and blogging.  :)


TxTriSkatemom said...

great photos, btw... but, you are absolutely right. I bought photos from my first marathon, from Marine Corps, which was my Big Goal Race the next year, and from my first triathlon (THOSE were crazy expensive, but it was a first, y'know). Since then, I haven't bought any. Way too expensive, esp as much as I run some years. But if it's a choice (and I see it as a choice) between $40 for photos and another race fee, I'll choose the next race.

that said, I've paid ridiculous prices for hockey tournament and skating meet photos of my sons because I just can't get the same quality myself and those are important for me to keep.

Mel said...

You are so right! I only bought photos from my first half - Marine Corps Historic Half - and no more. I like your point about choosing between photos and another race fee.

(I also forked over an outrageous amount of $$ for my daughter's bball tourney shots, but... that's different!)

Lauren @ Team Giles said...

Very well said my friend!