Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shooting for Perfect Attendance

perfect_attendanceSeems like I’m always tweeting about running, pushups, or Pilates. I started January off – OK. I say, OK, because I missed a bunch of days. I really want to pick it up and shoot for Perfect Attendance.  Perfect Attendance for me would be the following:

  • Running – Run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday when I’m scheduled to run based on the training schedule provided by the Dallas Running Club.
  • Work on the core – Attend Pilates twice a week.  Three times a week would be a bonus.
  • Pushups – Do pushups three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday using the 100 Hundred Pushups program.

I’ve got a few running friends that are on running streaks - @libbyruns @txskatemom. That’s a bit much for me as I enjoy my resting days to recuperate. 

So far, so good.  On track with all three.  Tonight on schedule… Running 3 miles and Pilates.  Looking forward to it!

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