Monday, February 8, 2010

Biggest Loser 5K

Heard through the Twitter grapevine that the Biggest Loser was going to be in town and was hosting a 5K on Sunday.  I figured it would be fun to run in a 5K even though I knocked out a PR 15K on Saturday.  The key here was that the race was free and a slight possibility of getting on TV.  Not too many chances for my mug to get on TV!  I talked my DRC running friend, Felix, into coming out with me.

I follow a bunch of inspirational runners on Twitter.  Before heading downtown, I noticed that one of them was going to be there, so I sent a message to her that we should meet up.  Luckily, she didn’t think I was some psycho and I had my very first Tweetup.  It was so great meeting Corina and her son.  Her son was bummed because they were only letting 18 years and older run.  Hollywood 5K rules stink!

ExtrasWe had to sign a bunch of paperwork to participate.  Too bad I couldn’t read anything without my reading glasses.  It took awhile for everything to get organized, but I finally got called to to get on a team to run with one of the contestants.  Too cool!  However, it looked like Felix was in a big group that was not going to be able to run.  Then at the last minute, they gave him a shirt and he was able to run.  He picked the same color as my team to run with me.  Again, too cool!

In the filming the event, there was a lot of starts and stops, but it was just so cool to see the whole TV process happening.

Start Line We got to meet the contestant that we’d be running with and ask them questions.  They told the runners that we could run ahead at our pace, but they’d like us to run back to the group.  At first, Felix and I tried to stay with our contestant’s group, but after a half mile, our race feet took over and we took off for the rest of the race.

We got to the end of the race and could see Corina up ahead.  We just had to catch up to her and cross the finish line with her.  It was so cool to experience her 5K PR with her.  Check out her story on her blog.  Of course, her story is so much better than mine!  :)

It was so cool meeting the contestants and the other fans.  There were a lot of inspirational stories.  I was very inspired to continue with my training and healthier lifestyle.

Felix brought his camera.  I’ll post some pictures when possible.  However, I cannot post any pictures with current contestants or they’ll come hunt me down. 

I hear that the episode should air in April.  It’ll be the episode with 7 contestants left.  Setting my DVR as I type.

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