Sunday, February 7, 2010

3rd Place in the DRC Tal Morrison 15K

I never ever would have thought that I’d be writing about this… I scored 3rd place in the Dallas Running Club Tal Morrison 15K yesterday with a time of 1:20:39.  You can check out all of the Tal Morrison 5K/15K race results.


Before the race, I had a goal of 1 hour and 20 minutes.  My previous best was 1:22:34, so definitely achievable.  There were a couple of things that were against me… for the last few days I was battling a sore throat and then when I turned on my Garmin I got the “Low Battery” message.  Arrrggggghhh!!  I really rely on the Garmin to tell me how far and how fast/slow I’m going.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to be able to use it.

I pretty much had to listen to my body and then to listen to other runners.  I could hear them talking to each other about how fast they were going.  I did ask a girl at mile 6 of what her time was.  I was pretty much on pace at the time, but I felt like crap from my sore throat.  The breathing thing wasn’t happening too well.  There were so many times between mile 6 and the finish that I wanted to stop, but just hung in there and gave it my all.

After the race I joined up with my friends and recovered.  I had to get some food back in me as I just felt awful.  I left after they announced the 5K winners.  I’ve never stuck around for the awards for the race that I’ve participated in because there are always so many people faster than me.

When I got home and was relaxing, I got a text from Heather and she told me that I placed.  I couldn’t believe it!  I couldn’t have the conversation via text so I called her.  She received 3rd place in her age group as well.  A friend of mine picked up the medal for me and will be bringing it to the Wednesday night group run.  I guess that’s a great incentive to be there on Wednesday night.  I cannot wait to get the medal.  I’ll definitely post the picture of it when I get it.

Second race of the year, second PR of the year!

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS MARK!! That's amazing and awesome and wonderful news!! Sorry you felt so crappy though. Be sure and post a picture of your medal for us middle of the packers :)