Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Move more, but have fun doing it!

2 years ago I started my journey of healthy living.  It’s really been down to 2 things – 1) Eat Less and 2) Move More.  With eating less, I’ve chosen to eat healthier foods that taste good.  They have to taste good, darn it!

With moving more, I’ve got to enjoy it.  Yes, contrary to the belief of some of my co-workers, running is fun!  It’s an awesome activity that has given me a freedom and pride that I’ve never felt before.  Yes, it’s hard work, but it gets easier as you build up miles and strength.  This is a sport that just about anyone can do.

When I run, I like to have fun! I joke, when I can.  I high five spectators at races.  I yell back to them and interact with them.  Am I using extra energy? Yes, but I’m having fun.

With whatever you choose to Move More, make sure to have fun!  You’ll want to do it and want to do it more often!  Check out this video which had people using the stairs instead of the escalator because it was fun!

Move More and have fun!

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