Thursday, December 10, 2009

If You’re Coming to See Me Sunday…

THANK YOU! If not, thank you anyway as I’m sure you’ll be rooting for me from a far!  :)  Just in case, you didn’t know, I’m running my very first marathon on Sunday in the Dallas White Rock Marathon

runner_trackingEither way, in person or not, you can receive text messages on how well I’m doing.  You can sign up for them by clicking on the Runner Tracking Sign-Up image.  You’ll get a text when I pass certain locations on the course.

If you’re coming to see me, here’s the course map.  You might want to plan on hanging out at a location that has a band, there’ll be plenty to choose from.  I recommend the School of Rock.  Great to see teenagers rocking it out!

So… how do you figure out where I’m going to be at?  I’m planning on running about a 9:45 pace for the race.  The race starts at 8:00am, but I won’t be starting immediately at 8:00am.  There are 19,999 others crossing that starting line.  Add about 10 minutes for me to cross the starting line.  You can call Ursula to find out where I’m at, because I’ll probably be texting her as I pass each mile marker.  Shhh… don’t tell anyone, we’re not suppose to use cell phones.

I’m so ready for Sunday!

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