Monday, November 16, 2009

Today’s Theme: I Get To!

Today’s theme of I Get To is inspired by a favorite blog of mine: Mile Markers Featuring Kristin Armstrong.  She explains how she shifted her perspective from “I have to” to “I get to”.  If we only realize how fortunate and blessed that we actually are… I think we’d really embrace the perspective of “I get to!”

Kristin Armstrong did such an awesome job on her blog post that I cannot add too much to it, but I’ll try.  A lot of times, I’ll be frustrated that I have to do certain things.  When I’m frustrated, I won’t give it a 100% effort or 100% of a loving attitude.  For example, if my kids ask me if I can take them somewhere while I wanted to relax, I might get frustrated and just do it because I have to.  If I shift my perspective to I get to… I know that the experience for both of us would be so much better.  The same goes for just about any situation.  Here’s a few that quickly come to mind…

  • I get to read my Bible and openly praise God while others cannot.
  • I get to run while others cannot because of disabilities or ailments.
  • I get to raise my kids while others cannot have children or have lost children.

So, whenever you think that you have to, change that perspective to I get to!  I know that entire situation will be so much better!

Still don’t feel happy about getting to do something? Have a conversation with God through prayer and thank him for the opportunity.  He will reveal to you how wonderfully blessed that you are!


pbperser said...

Thank you for that Mark! I get to AND I need the reminder!


Chris Risen said...

"I get to..." enough said.