Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running for His Glory!

IMG00026I’ve been tweeting and blogging a lot about PRs (Personal Records) lately. However, I’ve got to tell you about a race that I recently set aside my own wants for someone else’s needs.

Sometimes I cannot seem to stop talking about running and it gets a bit contagious by others around me.  Chris Risen, a great friend and co-worker at Fellowship Technologies caught that bug.  He set his sights on running his first 5K race in the Gary Burns 5K race in Frisco on October 31st.  This is one of my usual races since it’s right down the street.

Well, we were set to run it at the same time and I’ve been on a tear with knocking PRs out.  The dilemma that played in my mind for several weeks was if I should go for a 5K PR or run with Chris and encourage him.

I wish this was an easy decision, but the flesh is just so selfish.  The Holy Spirit had to hit me and explain that instead of a PR which would be for my glory… I needed to think of what would be for His Glory!  Running with Chris would definitely please God more than trying to set a selfish PR.

It was awesome running with Chris and sharing the joy of running.  He did so well!  I cracked my usual jokes and he laughed at 1 out 3 of them.  Not bad!

It was great experiencing the final push to the Finish Line with Chris.  There was so much pride and satisfaction to feed off of!  I probably got more out of the experience than he did.  Maybe.

When the race was over, Chris explained that either of two things would happen… 1) He would say that he was glad that he accomplished his goal of running the race and be done with it –or- 2) He would enjoy it and be hooked.  He said that he’s definitely hooked! I can confirm this as he text me a couple of days later saying that he knocked out 3.22 miles.  I love when we book our runs down to the tenth of the mile – it all counts!  He’s also lined for another 5K Race in his neighborhood on Saturday, December 5th.  Go, Chris, go!

My sister Denise will actually be doing this for me next month as she will be rooting for me during my first Marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  She could choose to run it herself, but from the beginning she has said that wants to root me on.  How selfless of her to do this for me!  She’s an awesome example of a great friend!

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Barbara Perser said...

Hi Mark,

I loved this story! God amazes me at the gifts WE receive from doing His will. I am sure this is a lesson you will never forget. Now I have a question...would you consider starting a running group here at 6363 say Tuesdays and Thursdays? Maybe a beginners group? Waiting to hear!

Your sister in Christ!