Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DRC Half Marathon – 15 Minutes Faster!

IMG00031 I was so geared up for this year’s DRC Half Marathon. My 4th Half Marathon in my short running career.  Geared up because I PR’ed the last 3 races that I ran:


  • October 3rd – DRC Loop 15K – 1:22:34 – beat last year’s time by 6 minutes
  • September 19th – Tour Des Fleurs 20K – 1:53:54 – beat last year’s time by 7 minutes
  • September 5th - DRC Breakfast Bash – 44:33 – beat last record by 2 minutes

What’s the secret with PRs? Two big things:

First is the success of the surgeries back in January for my heart and feet.

IMG00030 Secondly is the greatness of the Dallas Running Club Marathon Training program.  I could NOT do it without this program.  If you’re thinking about training for a marathon, definitely consider the Dallas Running Club.

  • There are so many runners that there will definitely be plenty at your pace.
  • The pace leaders are awesome! They really care on how well you do.  They smother you with encouragement and great running tips and tricks.
  • Last fall, I trained with the Dallas Running Club, but couldn’t take advantage of the Wednesday training sessions because of work.  These Hill and Speed sessions are the key to my PR’s.  Without them, I’d probably be at the same pace.  Nothing wrong with the previous pace, but I enjoy running so much more, by putting in the hard work!
  • The price is definitely right with the Dallas Running Club.

OK – so back to my time… my best Half Marathon time was last year at the White Rock Marathon with a time of 2:10:20.  My time for the DRC Half Marathon was 1:55:21.  Crazy!  It was like an out of body experience as I couldn’t believe these were my legs taking me on a 8:48 minute per mile pace for the whole race.  I knew that I started out faster than I wanted to, but I felt great.  The last couple of miles were tough, but knowing White Rock Lake, I just kept promising myself that it was only so much farther to the next landmark. It was great to celebrate with my friends from my pace group shown above.

6 more weeks until running my first full marathon at Dallas White Rock Marathon on Sunday, December 13th.  I’m excited, nervous, prepared, and anxious!


Runner Susan said...

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

You are a machine! Great Job! All your hard training is paying off! Cant wait to see you for the Marathon!