Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Faster while Getting Older

10823l Getting Faster

I’m pretty jazzed about Saturday.  I broke my previous PR (personal record) for a 5 mile race!  Previously, it was 46:22 which I ran back in May.  I knocked it down by nearly 2 minutes to 44:33.  Now for some math… the first 5 mile race I ran a 9:16 pace and this weekend’s race I ran a 8:54 pace.  I actually ran quicker than that because I started in the back and we used a pull tag timing system.  My fastest mile was the last mile – I ran it in 8:11 minute mile!  You can check out the race results here.

I love seeing how all of the training runs are paying off.  I’m a part of such a great group of runners that encourage each other really well.  I highly encourage anyone looking for a Marathon/Half Marathon training program to check out the Dallas Running Club.  Pictured with me is Felix from my group.

Next race is September 19th, the Tour des Fleurs 20K.  Yes, I want to PR that one.  When I ran that race last year, it was the first time that I ran 12.4 miles.  I’ve definitely done it a few times since then.

Some great news is that I got Briana’s fall league soccer schedule and none of the games are on Saturday mornings.  Which means that I can train with my group every single Saturday morning leading up to the Marathon!  :)

Getting Older

Seems like time is flying with Briana and Cairo.

Briana’s stretching her wings with her driver’s permit.  I don’t know who’s more nervous… her or me.  It’s a close tie.  She’s doing pretty well out there.  I’ll start tweeting when she’s on the road if that will help. jk Briana jk!!!

Cairo’s stretching his wings with hanging out with his friends more and more on the weekends.  Great to see that he has good friends to hang out with.  I’ve got to come up with some unique ways for us to hang out.  He doesn’t think of cleaning out the garage as a great father-son bonding time.