Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Questions for Spouses to Ask Each Other

20090621_PICT00142-croppedAfter close to 19 years of marriage I’m still learning the art of loving my wife.  There aren’t huge changes, but subtleties that happen.

Ursula’s such a blessing!  She loves our family so much and is concerned about more than her sweet mind can contain.  As mentioned before, she’s going to school full time at Paul Mitchell from Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm.  She still has her part time job at the church.  She takes care of me and the kids.  An example of her awesomeness is that she’ll make dinner for us in the morning so that we don’t have to do it when she’s working at church in the evening.  She’s got her homework, help with the kids’ homework and then still has time to listen to the challenges of my day.  Her school will take a year.  We’re praying for strength through this season as it’s a bit overwhelming for everyone. 

Again, Ursula is a blessing!  Ursula is such a blessing that I want to honor her in the way that I love her! 

To really honor each other, we’ve got to keep learning about each other.  To do this, we’ve got to ask some probing questions and not assume that what they enjoyed last year is what enjoy now.  Perry Noble does an awesome job with sharing some questions that can be asked to show that you really do care.

Five Questions Husbands Should Ask Their Wives

Four Questions Wives Should Ask Their Wives

Also, know if we don’t ask these type of questions from time to time, we’re more apt to become complacent with our love for each other.

Now here’s the important part… ask the questions and act upon the answers!  If she said that she’d like to go on a picnic with just you.  Make it the best picnic ever!

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Chris Risen said...

Thanks, man. I needed this perspective, especially after you and I chatted this morning. How great God is! He prepared you at 5:18AM to minister to me over a cup of coffee 2 hours later. Love you, man!