Friday, August 7, 2009

Flash Mobs

I like to people watch at malls, airports, and recently Six Flags.  It’s interesting to see the mesh of all the different people in different settings.

Flash mobs are very interesting as I like to see the reactions of people experiencing these happening.  A flash mob is pretty much an organized group of people doing something out of the ordinary in a public setting.  Here’s an organized one to promote Fame.

If you do a search on YouTube for Flash Mob, you’ll find a bunch of Flash mobs ranging from people frozen in time to organized ninja fights. I prefer the ninja fights!

I also like the spontaneity of this Flash Mob.  Definitely unorganized!  This guy was just having a great time and everyone wanted to join him.  My daughter would have made me stop dancing or got very far away from me.

Another view, but much closer to the action…

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