Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I’m training for a Marathon… Running the Rock

WhiteRockMarathonI’ve decided to make the commitment and train for a full marathon.  For the longest time, I was planning on running a full marathon in the fall of 2010, but recently decided to push the schedule up a bit.

I wanted to put this new goal in front of me to commit to living a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve gotten lazy recently and want to kick it up a notch.  Nothing like have a behemoth goal in front like a marathon to make you do the right thing on a daily basis.

I’ll be running the Rock… Dallas White Rock Marathon on Sunday, December 13th.  This marathon is near and dear to me, as this is where I got my running bug from.  Specifically it was from watching my sister, Denise run this marathon.  

I’ll be training in Dallas with the Dallas Running Club Fall Marathon Training Program.  Great group of people!

I’m nervous, excited, and totally psyched!  I cannot wait to run it!  The great thing about training for a marathon is that you cannot procrastinate.  You must commit yourself to the running schedule.

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