Sunday, July 19, 2009

Denise is the Over-Achiever!

0719091131aHats off to Denise, my slightly older sister.  She ran in the Buckeye Trail 50K.  OK, everyone, let’s do the math.  A 5K race is 3.1 miles, so 10 times that race is 31 miles. YIKES!  On top of that trail running is 10 times harder than street running.  She conquered the race in 8 hours and 49 minutes.

 0718090946aTrail running seems very intriguing to me, but I think I need to keep running on some solid ground first.  I love the ever changing scenery, but the ups and downs, over and unders, and different terrain have got me hesitant.  I’m sure some day that she’ll talk me into it.  She’s quite the inspiration.

These trail races are for the insanely brave… 149 other runners joined Denise in this trek.  Below is her race bib.0718090934a I’m sure it’s from before the race because it’s a bit too clean.

I got to talk her during the race when she called me after I text her, “You still running!?! :)”  She loved the text, but said that she couldn’t text and run at the same time.  We talked when she was at mile 23.  She sounded pretty good out there.  I could here the smile on her face.  I told her to give me a call after the race.  I got that 24 hours later after she recuperated.  She recounted to me how the race went.

Below is a video of the start of the race.  I couldn’t find her, but I know she’s there somewhere as giddy as can be.

I’m very proud of Denise!  She set her mind to conquer this race and she did.

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