Friday, June 5, 2009

New Role at FT


Starting this last Monday, June 1st, I’ll be transitioning into the Business Analyst role in Product Management.  I’m really excited about working with the Development Team and having a positive impact on the Fellowship One product.  The transition into this new role will be over the next couple of months as I’m finishing up a large project in the Dallas area.

I’ve enjoyed my role as a Delivery Manager at Fellowship Technologies since September 2005.  I’ll get to use my 3 and a half years of experience in this new position.

As a Business Analyst, I’ll be assisting/working with the Product Owner/Product Manager, Scott Lowrie.  The Development Team uses Scrum which is an Agile process for software development.  One of my biggest responsibilities will be creating user stories and user acceptance tests.

I’m looking forward to getting into this position full time.


Jeff said...

Congratulations Mark. They made a great choice and are lucky to have you. If you ever need any expert F1 advice, you know you can always call me. ;-)

travis said...

congrats there mark. You are a good man and it's great to have you helping to make F1 even better.

Discount Auto Parts said...

Congratulations Mark! My best to you.