Wednesday, April 1, 2009

87 Miles

I guess I’m back in the full swing of running.  I ran 87 miles in the month of March.  Compared to 24 miles that I ran in February and 6 in January, yes – I’m back!  By the way, 87 miles is the most that I’ve run in a calendar month.  Followed by 86 miles back in November.

It’s good to be back!  It was a slow start in the beginning, but each run seems to be getting better.  I’m still off my pace that I built up to in December, but that will come back in time.

My feel still sting and hurt a little from the nerve pain.  I cannot wait for that to go away.  It’s just downright annoying!  The funny thing is that it doesn’t hurt when I run.  My mom, being the mom that she is, told me to just keep running.  I love my mom!

The great news is that I haven’t had any episodes with my heart.  Thank God for that one!  Even though that the Cardiologists say that it was just an inconvenience… it was a bit too scary of an inconvenience!

I’m looking forward to the Half Marathon that I’m running at the end of the month in Oklahoma City.  The whole family’s coming along so it’s going to be a lot of fun as we check out our old stomping ground in OKC and Midwest City.

Happy April Fools Day!  An April Fools Day Story for ya… 16 years ago, Ursula called me on April 1st, 1993 and told me that she was pregnant.  I didn’t believe her because she told me on April Fools Day.  Well, it was true and 9 months later, we were blessed with our first born, Briana.

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