Monday, February 2, 2009

Quiet January

January had the fewest blog posts since I started this little blog.  I credit it to being in some sort of pain for the last 4 weeks.  The pain has primarily been in my feet.  I’m really tired of the pain.  It’s on the top of my feet and is all nerve pain.  Sometimes it’s fine and other times it’s a great jolt of pain.  I’d say that I’m getting better about 2-5% better per day, but it’s not quick enough.  I’ve been really impatient with this recovery thing! 

I guess that’s a good thing… impatience.  For once, impatience might be a good thing.  It’s a good thing because 18 months ago, I wouldn’t have cared.  I would have been fine with sitting around and being sedentary.  Now, I cannot wait to get out there and run.  I’m still looking forward to ramping up quickly to run in the OKC Half Marathon at the end of April.

DRC Race Volunteer 006To give back to the running community and to see my friends, I volunteered at the DRC Tal Morrison 5K/15K race on Saturday.  Briana, Cairo and I worked at a water station with another runner dude and his children.  I had to drag the kids out of bed early on a Saturday morning, but they had a great time.  It was great to see the front runners and then to see all of my friends in the rest of the pack.  Some even tried to stop to ask how I was doing.  I told them quickly and urged them on.

It seems that I have more to talk about when I run.  I miss the solidarity of running alone and I miss the friendship of running with a group.  I miss using my GPS watch.  I miss accumulating miles.  I miss being surprised by 41 (almost 42) year old body. 

I hope to have more to talk about soon!

P.S. – For money saving reasons, we have disconnected our home phone.  If you need to get a hold of me, call me at my cell phone.

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