Friday, January 9, 2009

Foot Surgery Recovery


Thanks AGAIN for everyone’s prayers and shout outs of encouragement for my second surgery of the week.  Crazy, I know!  However, I wanted to get them performed back to back so that I would have a combined less recovery time.  Also, it was optimal to get them fixed now since I’m not travelling for another 3 weeks.

Since August, I was experiencing pain on the top of my left foot due to bone spurs.  Within the last couple of months, my right foot was having the same problem to the point that it hurt when I walked and when I drove the car hitting the gas and brake.  Despite this on again – off again pain, I ran in 2 Half Marathons.  The first few miles were usually painful and then the pain went away.

Yesterday morning, the foot surgery went pretty well.  According to the podiatrist, it was a routine procedure for both feet.  The left foot had a larger bone spur than the right.  I was knocked out for most of the day from the pain medicine.  A weird side effect from the pain medicine was that I got the hiccups 3 different times over the day/night.  Thus, this blog post at 3:30am.

The recovery time for my feet should be 3-4 weeks and then I can hit the streets again.  I cannot wait to see the benefits of both of the surgeries:

  • No unexpected increase of heart rate by 80 bpm.
  • Pain free running in my feet which should allow for better form, quicker speed, and PRs!
  • Running happy!

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