Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Move more, but have fun doing it!

2 years ago I started my journey of healthy living.  It’s really been down to 2 things – 1) Eat Less and 2) Move More.  With eating less, I’ve chosen to eat healthier foods that taste good.  They have to taste good, darn it!

With moving more, I’ve got to enjoy it.  Yes, contrary to the belief of some of my co-workers, running is fun!  It’s an awesome activity that has given me a freedom and pride that I’ve never felt before.  Yes, it’s hard work, but it gets easier as you build up miles and strength.  This is a sport that just about anyone can do.

When I run, I like to have fun! I joke, when I can.  I high five spectators at races.  I yell back to them and interact with them.  Am I using extra energy? Yes, but I’m having fun.

With whatever you choose to Move More, make sure to have fun!  You’ll want to do it and want to do it more often!  Check out this video which had people using the stairs instead of the escalator because it was fun!

Move More and have fun!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Lindsleys

Christmas Eve 001Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Mark, Ursula, Briana & Cairo.  Here’s a picture of us from last night’s Christmas Eve service.  It’s pretty awesome having a white Christmas.  Very unexpected for us here in Texas!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day.  Be blessed by knowing that God gave us the best gift ever, his son Jesus Christ!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Committed to My Next Marathon!

cleveland marathon I’m locked and loaded for my next marathon – Cleveland Marathon!  It’s scheduled for Sunday, May 16th, 2010.  I’ve registered with an early bird price and a discount code from following the marathon on FaceBook.  Cannot beat a marathon for $55.

I’ve also booked my flight this morning.  Using up the last of my frequent flyer miles from my travelling days.

As for training, I’ll be training with the Dallas Running Club through their Spring Training program which is sold out.  Awesome program!

It’ll be great to be running a marathon in the city that I was born in.  Cannot wait to see family and run a like a fool!

Christmas Gift – New Blog Header

A huge thanks to Nathan Smith for my Christmas gift of a new blog header.  I love it!  It’s a wonder what some people can do in such a short amount of time.  Nathan is one of the UX Developers at Fellowship Technologies that I get the pleasure to work with.  Check out more of his work at

I remember working on that blog header about 18 months ago.  Some hard work put into that simple graphic.  That old header was long overdue for a facelift.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Did I Learn From Running a Marathon?

Finish-2 Chris Risen always has the best questions!  On our carpool ride into the office this morning, he wanted to know what was the biggest thing that I learned from this whole Marathon experience.

Simply put – never say never! 

2 years ago, ask me…

  • if I’d run a marathon, I’d say never. 
  • if I’d run a 5K, I’d say never.
  • if I’d run a mile, I’d say never.

If you ask me these questions today, of course, I can answer, Yes!  But, not only that, but other things that I thought that were totally out of reach are now possibilities.  I keep hearing about triathlons.  My knee jerk reaction is NEVER!  However, I can do it, I just have to choose to do so.  This doesn’t mean that I’m going to start training for triathlons.  What it does mean is that it is a possibility.

Nothing is out of reach anymore.  It wasn’t before either, I just chose not to realize it.  Get out of your comfort zone and go for it!  You’ll be so thankful that you did!

Dallas White Rock Marathon race photos are up at  Check out my race photos online.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My First Marathon

Marathon 062-compressedWhere do I even start!?! The Dallas White Rock Marathon was the most physically challenging and emotionally stretching event of my life.  I loved every minute of it.  I couldn’t dream of a more rewarding experience possible.

Thank Yous

First of all, I want to give all the glory to God.  Without the courage and strength that God provided I would have never been able to accomplish this huge goal.  I count myself blessed being able to participate in this sport when others many not be able to.

There are so many to thank in support of me being able to do this. I definitely couldn’t have it done it without the Dallas Running Club. They have the best pace leaders and it’s probably the most affordable training program around.

Thank you to Ursula for listening to all of my training run stories and then following me around on race day.  I know it’s not your thing and I cherish your attentiveness.

Thank you to Denise for inspiring me to run.  Your infectious smile and love for running was what got me into this sport.  I cannot believe that it was 2 years ago that you came and ran White Rock.  I didn’t know anything about running and actually didn’t want to.  You turned that around and created a running addict.  Thanks!

Thank you to my DRC friends – Felix, Roger, Hari, Heather, Kristin, Karen, Luis, Chris, and so many others.  Your encouragement was incredible and needed.

Thank you to Chris Risen for being the icing on the cake!  It was incredible to see him at the Finish Line.  Read below for more details.

Race Report

We, (my wife, sister, and 2 teenage kids) got to the American Airlines Center at about 6:10am.  In plenty of time to beat the crowds.  We met up with friends from the Dallas Running Club inside of American Airlines Center.  It was so great to be able to be inside of the AAC instead of sitting outside.

Felix, Steve, and I lined up behind the 4:15 pace group. Positive thinking there.  :)  The bummer is that it was hard to spot the 4:15 pace group after 2-3 miles because they pitched their sign and balloons.

Check out this video of the start.  I'm such a goof… I had to ham it up for the cameras.  No high stepping at miles 20-26.2!

I did pretty well with keeping an even pace in the first 7 miles because of the crowd, but picked it up on miles 8-14.  I really think this is where I went wrong.  I should have backed off the pace and kept it closer to 9:45 or so.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I was feeling no pain and ran faster than I should have.   Lesson learned: Just because I can doesn’t mean that I should.

To help my family keep up with me throughout the race, I texted them at each mile marker.  It actually gave me something to look forward to.  I got to see my family at mile 7 which was great to see them early in the race.  A visit from them at mile 15/16 was definitely a welcome sight.  I was starting to feel some pain at this point.  Below is a video of when Felix and I caught up with the family at mile 15/16.

<Skip this paragraph if you don’t want some dirty details.>  From about mile 12-15, I really had to go to the bathroom, ya know #2.  I had to stop as you really cannot pinch for too many miles.  In the video above, my sister asks me if I need anything, I gestured to the houses on the left and said that I needed to use the restroom there.  I was able to go in a port-a-potty which isn’t my favorite, but it was highly needed.

Mark-ScottI was surprised to see my boss and his boss, Scott & Kingsley at mile 18!  It was such a great surprise.  Scott did mention that he’d try to come out, but there were so many people.  I stopped and chatted with them for a little bit.  I secretly enjoyed the break.  :)

Once I got to miles 20 & 21, it felt like my legs were on fire.  I text my sister asking when was I going to see them next.  She said mile 22, so I had a goal of pushing through the pain to get to them at mile 22.  I got pretty emotional at this point and gave Ursula a big long hug.  I could have stayed in that comforting hug forever, but as she normally does she pushed me on!  :)  Just kidding, she doesn’t always push me away.

Miles 23 through the Finish, I walked a bunch of times.  At the time, I was pretty disappointed.  However, any disappointment that I experienced from my self-imposed targeted time was squelched, by the entire marathon experience!

A great decision I made was putting my name on my shirt.  It was very uplifting to have people cheering you on and calling out your name.  This really kept me going especially toward the end.

At about mile 25, Felix texted me urging to press on and encouraged me.  Check, check!  Thanks, Felix!

Like I mentioned earlier, Chris Risen was the icing on the cake for the whole marathon experience.  I was heading down the finish and was being urged on by all of the onlookers.  There was a huge sea of faces on the left and right of me.  When I got about 100 feet from the Finish Line, I thought I was hallucinating, I saw Chris Risen!  I really couldn’t believe that he was there! I ran or hobbled over to him. I gave him the biggest hug I could and was bawling like a baby.  Again, I couldn’t believe he was there.  I told him so, and he told me to get going and finish.  I hugged him again while tearing up and he told me to finish the race.  Again, Chris was the icing on the cake.  I cannot believe that he did this for me.  His picture is at the top of the screen.  Love that guy!

I finished in 4 hours and 37 minutes.  I was hoping for 4 hours and 20 minutes or less, but again, this time goal is at the bottom of my needs.

After I crossed the finish line, Felix and I met and embraced.  I was an emotional wreck! I got my mylar blanket, finisher’s medal, & finisher’s tech shirt.  I then met up with Ursula, Denise, Briana, Cairo, & Adam.  I grabbed some free food and headed into the AAC to meet up with Chris.  We chatted for a good while and headed home.

I couldn’t walk without moaning & groaning on Sunday and then some on Monday.

Above are some pictures that we took on the weekend.

I cannot wait to run another marathon!  I know that I can do better.  I have learned a lot and am looking forward to running in the Cleveland Marathon in May.

Please remember that 2 years ago, I said that I would never be able to do a marathon.  You, might be saying the same thing right now, however, I’m hear to tell you, that YOU CAN!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Running a Marathon – Anticipation!

In a few more days, I’ll be running my first marathon! I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I cannot wait!  OK, I can wait, but I’m just so excited.  There are very few things that I’ve anticipated as much as running this marathon.  Here are a few of them…

  1. Enlisting in the Air Force
  2. Marrying Ursula
  3. The birth of both of my children
  4. Heart surgery back in January
  5. and now running my first marathon!

This reminds me of the old Heinz Ketchup commercial in the early 80’s with the Carly Simon song – Anticipation.  I cannot seem to get that song out of my head.

I also cannot wait until I see my sister and nephew tomorrow morning.  Her excitement is contagious!

If You’re Coming to See Me Sunday…

THANK YOU! If not, thank you anyway as I’m sure you’ll be rooting for me from a far!  :)  Just in case, you didn’t know, I’m running my very first marathon on Sunday in the Dallas White Rock Marathon

runner_trackingEither way, in person or not, you can receive text messages on how well I’m doing.  You can sign up for them by clicking on the Runner Tracking Sign-Up image.  You’ll get a text when I pass certain locations on the course.

If you’re coming to see me, here’s the course map.  You might want to plan on hanging out at a location that has a band, there’ll be plenty to choose from.  I recommend the School of Rock.  Great to see teenagers rocking it out!

So… how do you figure out where I’m going to be at?  I’m planning on running about a 9:45 pace for the race.  The race starts at 8:00am, but I won’t be starting immediately at 8:00am.  There are 19,999 others crossing that starting line.  Add about 10 minutes for me to cross the starting line.  You can call Ursula to find out where I’m at, because I’ll probably be texting her as I pass each mile marker.  Shhh… don’t tell anyone, we’re not suppose to use cell phones.

I’m so ready for Sunday!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dads – Create the Christmas Experience

As fathers we have the responsibility to lead our fathers.  We have the role of spiritual leaders.  With Christmas Season upon us, we have the opportunity to create a Christmas Experience.  If we take a passive role, a Christmas Experience will happen, it just may not be the one that we would have ultimately liked to have for ourselves or for our children.

I’m sure all of us can think back to good and not so pleasant experiences of Christmas Pasts.  We have an opportunity to make a great Christmas Experience for our families.  One of my favorite pastors, Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle blogged 16 Ways that you can create the Christmas Experience.  Below is the blog post…

’Tis the season for Dad to drop the holiday ball, stress out as the money is being spent for presents, and miss yet another providential opportunity to lovingly lead his family. So, this blog is intended to help dads not fall into the same old rut of holiday humdrum, sitting on the couch watching football and eating carbs, but rather intentionally plan out the upcoming holiday season. Our children grow quickly and if we miss the sacred moments God opens up for us to connect with and bless our families, everyone suffers and we set in motion generations of missed opportunity.

#1 – Dad needs a plan for the holidays to ensure his family is loved and memories are made. Dad, what’s your plan?

#2 – Dad needs to check the local guides for what’s going on to make fun holiday plans for the family. In Seattle it’s here.

#3 – Dad needs to carve out time for sacred events and experiences to build family traditions that are fun and point to Jesus. Dad, is your calendar ready for December?

#4 – Dad needs to not let the stress of the holidays, including money, cause him to be grumpy with Mom or the kids. Dad, how’s your joy?

#5 – Dad needs to give experiences and not just gifts. Dad, what special memories can you make this holiday season?

#6 – Dad needs to manage the extended family and friends during the holidays. Dad, who or what do you need to say “no” to?

#7 – Dad needs to ensure his family is giving generously during the holidays. Dad, who in need is your family going to adopt and bless?

#8 – Dad needs to schedule a big Christmas daddy date with his daughter. Dad, what’s your big plan for the fancy daddy date?

#9 – Dad needs to schedule guy time with his son. Dad, what are you and your son going to do that is active, outdoors, and fun?

#10 – Dad needs to help Mom get the house decorated. Dad, are you really a big help to Mom with getting things ready?

#11 – Dad needs to ensure some holiday smells and sounds. Dad, is Christmas music on the iPod, is the tree up, and can you smell cookies and cider in your house?

#12 – Dad needs to snuggle up and watch some fun shows with the kids, especially the little ones. Dad, is the DVR set?

#13 – Dad needs to take the family on a drive to see Christmas lights while listening to music and sipping cider. Dad, is it mapped out?

#14 – Dad needs to help Mom get the kids’ rooms decorated. Dad, do the little kids get lights or a small tree in their room?

#15 – Dad needs to read about Jesus and pray over his kids. Dad, how’s your pastoral work going with each of your kids?

#16 – Dad needs to repent of being lazy, selfish, grumpy, or just dumping the holidays on Mom. Dad, are you a servant like Jesus to your family?

Dads – this is our opportunity to make Christmas something special.  I know that our heavenly Father would be beaming a big old smile at our efforts.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Mores Day Until White Rock Marathon

Cannot wait! Another 12 days until the White Rock Marathon!  I’m hoping that I’m going to be feeling like these babies.  Maybe I should fill my Nathan water bottles with Evian.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Greatest Part of Running 21.5 Miles

Saturday was another milestone run for my marathon training.  21.5 miles was the longest and last long run of the training program.  Now we begin to taper before the Dallas White Rock Marathon on Sunday, December 13th.  I think I’ll like this part of the training.

The last couple of miles was pretty tough, but I really feel confident that I can do this marathon thing!

OK – the greatest part of running on Saturday was a phone call that I received from my wife, Ursula.  Let me preface this by saying that Ursula loves me, but she’s not crazy about running.  She doesn’t get it, but supports me.  She normally doesn’t call me to ask about my running.

The timing of the phone call was magnificent!  We start our long runs on Saturday at 6am.  Ursula gave a call at 9:30am on her way to school.  We were just taking our last break at the 18th mile before our final push to the end of our run.  It was such a pleasant surprise because normally I wouldn’t hear or feel my phone vibrate.  The conversation went like this…

Ursula: “Good morning!  Just calling to see how your run was.”

Me: <chuckle> “We’re still running.  On mile 18 of 21.”

Ursula: “Wow! You can do it.  Just wanted to let you know that I love you and am very proud of you!”

Me: “Thanks. Love you too.”

As mentioned, those last couple of miles were pretty tough.  It seems like it was a huge mental challenge to keep running/plodding along.  Since I don’t where an iPod, my mind goes everywhere.  I like it that way, I get to take in the scenery and take in the event.  For those that don’t know, I can get pretty emotional.  Yes, I cry at sappy movies and during times of joy and pain.  I experience all aspects of life.  While running the last couple of miles, I really digested the meaning of the phone call that Ursula made.  The gambit of thoughts went like this…

She took the time to say that she loves me.  She is proud of me.  She called me at the exact time that I could take the call.  She cares about what I’m doing.  She called me when she’s normally rushed to make it to school.  I’m so glad that she’s my wife.  She did something that meant a lot to me by asking me about my running.  I am so blessed!

The impact of this simple call was huge!  I believe that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.  Also, let me tell ya… it’s pretty hard to run while holding back tears!

Is there something that is small for you, but would make a big impact for someone else?  A tip for ya… do it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today’s Theme: I Get To!

Today’s theme of I Get To is inspired by a favorite blog of mine: Mile Markers Featuring Kristin Armstrong.  She explains how she shifted her perspective from “I have to” to “I get to”.  If we only realize how fortunate and blessed that we actually are… I think we’d really embrace the perspective of “I get to!”

Kristin Armstrong did such an awesome job on her blog post that I cannot add too much to it, but I’ll try.  A lot of times, I’ll be frustrated that I have to do certain things.  When I’m frustrated, I won’t give it a 100% effort or 100% of a loving attitude.  For example, if my kids ask me if I can take them somewhere while I wanted to relax, I might get frustrated and just do it because I have to.  If I shift my perspective to I get to… I know that the experience for both of us would be so much better.  The same goes for just about any situation.  Here’s a few that quickly come to mind…

  • I get to read my Bible and openly praise God while others cannot.
  • I get to run while others cannot because of disabilities or ailments.
  • I get to raise my kids while others cannot have children or have lost children.

So, whenever you think that you have to, change that perspective to I get to!  I know that entire situation will be so much better!

Still don’t feel happy about getting to do something? Have a conversation with God through prayer and thank him for the opportunity.  He will reveal to you how wonderfully blessed that you are!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Sport of “Only” and “Just”


As many know, I’m digging this running sport.  I’ve come to terms that I probably won’t win a race, my age group, or turn heads with my lightning speed.  Although I’ve gotten quicker over the last year, I know I won’t be at the head of the pack.  I’m good with that!  I’m enjoying myself.

However, it seems that this sport is about justifying yourself with 2 special words – only & just.  This probably happens unintentionally, but it goes a little something like this… I only ran 10 miles today.  I didn’t run the Full Marathon, I just ran the Half Marathon.  I only run at a 8, 9, 10, or a 11-something pace.  I’ve heard these words so many times.  This often happens when talking to newly met runners when you’re trying to establish where on the running scale you rank.

If you’re a runner, a 5K runner, or a Marathon runner… we’re all training to do the same thing.  Cross the finish line and hopefully do it a little better than the last time.  Nothing feels better than knowing that you trained as well as possible and ran the race as well as you personally could.

Sure, we cross the finish line at different times, but I’m positive that the effort levels exerted are at the same high levels.  Do we really need to justify ourselves with saying that I only run at a X-something pace and that it was a just a X distance race?  I don’t think so.  However, it’ll happen again and again.  Just smile when it does.

Here’s a scary “only” for ya or for me… Only 4 more weeks until the Dallas White Rock Marathon! I cannot wait to run it! So many thoughts going through on how those last 6 miles will feel.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Today’s Theme: Be Proactive

At work, Fellowship Technologies, I’ve been coming up with themes of the day.  It’s been a fun thing to do to concentrate on a number of things: honoring God, improving self, and every once in a while, having fun!  After I pick the theme, my boss, Scott Lowrie will pick a song to go with it.  He’s picked everything from Van Halen, Abba, to contemporary Christian music.  His music collection is pretty eclectic.

Today’s theme is Steven Covey’s 1st habit in his book – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Be Proactive.  This is not about planning for the future and knowing where you’re heading in life.  But rather, how you’re going to react.  Steven Covey says it best in his blog post.  Here’s an excerpt…

The key to being proactive is remembering that between stimulus and response there is a space. That space represents our choice— how we will choose to respond to any given situation, person, thought or event. Imagine a pause button between stimulus and response—a button you can engage to pause and think about what is the principle-based response to your given situation. Listen to what your conscience tells you. Listen for what is wise and the principle-based thing to do, and then act.

Take today and choose a positive response to situations that would normally set you off.  It’s a challenging thing to do it, but if you think about it, you can do it!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chicken Wings

I love hot wings! I’ve had a video before showing how to peel a banana, well Briana, found this one on how to eat chicken wings.

Seems like a simple thing to do, but there’s a good way to get all of the meat.  Of course, I like the drumettes, because they’re not much work to get to the goodness. The wings themselves are a little more work.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Milestone – 20 Miles

brooks runningI’m so proud to knock out the 20 miler this morning with my marathon running group with the Dallas Running Club.  It’s incredible what your body can do when you put your mind to it.  I never thought that I’d be able to run a 5K race, a Half Marathon, and no way to a Marathon.  But, here I am well on my way to running my first marathon.  I laugh when people say, “I could never do that!”  I used to always say that… they can do it or better yet, YOU CAN DO IT!  You just need to start out slowly and work up slowly.  The key word is slowly – speed will come when you’re ready.  Run happy!

Only 5 more weeks until the Dallas White Rock Marathon!  I cannot wait!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running for His Glory!

IMG00026I’ve been tweeting and blogging a lot about PRs (Personal Records) lately. However, I’ve got to tell you about a race that I recently set aside my own wants for someone else’s needs.

Sometimes I cannot seem to stop talking about running and it gets a bit contagious by others around me.  Chris Risen, a great friend and co-worker at Fellowship Technologies caught that bug.  He set his sights on running his first 5K race in the Gary Burns 5K race in Frisco on October 31st.  This is one of my usual races since it’s right down the street.

Well, we were set to run it at the same time and I’ve been on a tear with knocking PRs out.  The dilemma that played in my mind for several weeks was if I should go for a 5K PR or run with Chris and encourage him.

I wish this was an easy decision, but the flesh is just so selfish.  The Holy Spirit had to hit me and explain that instead of a PR which would be for my glory… I needed to think of what would be for His Glory!  Running with Chris would definitely please God more than trying to set a selfish PR.

It was awesome running with Chris and sharing the joy of running.  He did so well!  I cracked my usual jokes and he laughed at 1 out 3 of them.  Not bad!

It was great experiencing the final push to the Finish Line with Chris.  There was so much pride and satisfaction to feed off of!  I probably got more out of the experience than he did.  Maybe.

When the race was over, Chris explained that either of two things would happen… 1) He would say that he was glad that he accomplished his goal of running the race and be done with it –or- 2) He would enjoy it and be hooked.  He said that he’s definitely hooked! I can confirm this as he text me a couple of days later saying that he knocked out 3.22 miles.  I love when we book our runs down to the tenth of the mile – it all counts!  He’s also lined for another 5K Race in his neighborhood on Saturday, December 5th.  Go, Chris, go!

My sister Denise will actually be doing this for me next month as she will be rooting for me during my first Marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  She could choose to run it herself, but from the beginning she has said that wants to root me on.  How selfless of her to do this for me!  She’s an awesome example of a great friend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Halloween Lecture!

I haven’t participated much in Halloween since I was in my teens, but I love this video.  I’m a fan of anything that can make learning more fun!

DRC Half Marathon – 15 Minutes Faster!

IMG00031 I was so geared up for this year’s DRC Half Marathon. My 4th Half Marathon in my short running career.  Geared up because I PR’ed the last 3 races that I ran:


  • October 3rd – DRC Loop 15K – 1:22:34 – beat last year’s time by 6 minutes
  • September 19th – Tour Des Fleurs 20K – 1:53:54 – beat last year’s time by 7 minutes
  • September 5th - DRC Breakfast Bash – 44:33 – beat last record by 2 minutes

What’s the secret with PRs? Two big things:

First is the success of the surgeries back in January for my heart and feet.

IMG00030 Secondly is the greatness of the Dallas Running Club Marathon Training program.  I could NOT do it without this program.  If you’re thinking about training for a marathon, definitely consider the Dallas Running Club.

  • There are so many runners that there will definitely be plenty at your pace.
  • The pace leaders are awesome! They really care on how well you do.  They smother you with encouragement and great running tips and tricks.
  • Last fall, I trained with the Dallas Running Club, but couldn’t take advantage of the Wednesday training sessions because of work.  These Hill and Speed sessions are the key to my PR’s.  Without them, I’d probably be at the same pace.  Nothing wrong with the previous pace, but I enjoy running so much more, by putting in the hard work!
  • The price is definitely right with the Dallas Running Club.

OK – so back to my time… my best Half Marathon time was last year at the White Rock Marathon with a time of 2:10:20.  My time for the DRC Half Marathon was 1:55:21.  Crazy!  It was like an out of body experience as I couldn’t believe these were my legs taking me on a 8:48 minute per mile pace for the whole race.  I knew that I started out faster than I wanted to, but I felt great.  The last couple of miles were tough, but knowing White Rock Lake, I just kept promising myself that it was only so much farther to the next landmark. It was great to celebrate with my friends from my pace group shown above.

6 more weeks until running my first full marathon at Dallas White Rock Marathon on Sunday, December 13th.  I’m excited, nervous, prepared, and anxious!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I love a good banana!  I look forward to them after running a race.  My favorite dessert is banana pudding.  I love me a Strawberry-Banana Smoothie.  Bananas are awesome!

For the longest time I’ve opened them like everyone else.  Not anymore… I open them like a monkey.

By the way, our crazy tiny dog, Peanut LOVES bananas.  He doesn’t care much for me, unless I’m eating a banana.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Faster while Getting Older

10823l Getting Faster

I’m pretty jazzed about Saturday.  I broke my previous PR (personal record) for a 5 mile race!  Previously, it was 46:22 which I ran back in May.  I knocked it down by nearly 2 minutes to 44:33.  Now for some math… the first 5 mile race I ran a 9:16 pace and this weekend’s race I ran a 8:54 pace.  I actually ran quicker than that because I started in the back and we used a pull tag timing system.  My fastest mile was the last mile – I ran it in 8:11 minute mile!  You can check out the race results here.

I love seeing how all of the training runs are paying off.  I’m a part of such a great group of runners that encourage each other really well.  I highly encourage anyone looking for a Marathon/Half Marathon training program to check out the Dallas Running Club.  Pictured with me is Felix from my group.

Next race is September 19th, the Tour des Fleurs 20K.  Yes, I want to PR that one.  When I ran that race last year, it was the first time that I ran 12.4 miles.  I’ve definitely done it a few times since then.

Some great news is that I got Briana’s fall league soccer schedule and none of the games are on Saturday mornings.  Which means that I can train with my group every single Saturday morning leading up to the Marathon!  :)

Getting Older

Seems like time is flying with Briana and Cairo.

Briana’s stretching her wings with her driver’s permit.  I don’t know who’s more nervous… her or me.  It’s a close tie.  She’s doing pretty well out there.  I’ll start tweeting when she’s on the road if that will help. jk Briana jk!!!

Cairo’s stretching his wings with hanging out with his friends more and more on the weekends.  Great to see that he has good friends to hang out with.  I’ve got to come up with some unique ways for us to hang out.  He doesn’t think of cleaning out the garage as a great father-son bonding time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Questions for Spouses to Ask Each Other

20090621_PICT00142-croppedAfter close to 19 years of marriage I’m still learning the art of loving my wife.  There aren’t huge changes, but subtleties that happen.

Ursula’s such a blessing!  She loves our family so much and is concerned about more than her sweet mind can contain.  As mentioned before, she’s going to school full time at Paul Mitchell from Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm.  She still has her part time job at the church.  She takes care of me and the kids.  An example of her awesomeness is that she’ll make dinner for us in the morning so that we don’t have to do it when she’s working at church in the evening.  She’s got her homework, help with the kids’ homework and then still has time to listen to the challenges of my day.  Her school will take a year.  We’re praying for strength through this season as it’s a bit overwhelming for everyone. 

Again, Ursula is a blessing!  Ursula is such a blessing that I want to honor her in the way that I love her! 

To really honor each other, we’ve got to keep learning about each other.  To do this, we’ve got to ask some probing questions and not assume that what they enjoyed last year is what enjoy now.  Perry Noble does an awesome job with sharing some questions that can be asked to show that you really do care.

Five Questions Husbands Should Ask Their Wives

Four Questions Wives Should Ask Their Wives

Also, know if we don’t ask these type of questions from time to time, we’re more apt to become complacent with our love for each other.

Now here’s the important part… ask the questions and act upon the answers!  If she said that she’d like to go on a picnic with just you.  Make it the best picnic ever!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1,000 Miles

DRC-10k-croppedI hit a great milestone recently… I’ve run over 1,000 miles since starting running.  It wasn’t long ago, nearly a couple of years that my daughter asked me to run in a 1 mile fun run.  Nothing sounded fun about that run.  I had to say no.  I love that I don’t have to say no anymore.

As always, I’ve got to give props to my running sister, Denise.  She’s my biggest inspiration.  There isn’t a run that goes by that I don’t think of her.  Running and smiling are synonymous thanks to her!

How do I keep track of all of those miles?  I use a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Watch and an awesome shareware application: SportTracks. This software has been the best in showing information about a recent run, progress over the months, and of course the price is right.

I’m looking forward to my first marathon in December!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Flash Mobs

I like to people watch at malls, airports, and recently Six Flags.  It’s interesting to see the mesh of all the different people in different settings.

Flash mobs are very interesting as I like to see the reactions of people experiencing these happening.  A flash mob is pretty much an organized group of people doing something out of the ordinary in a public setting.  Here’s an organized one to promote Fame.

If you do a search on YouTube for Flash Mob, you’ll find a bunch of Flash mobs ranging from people frozen in time to organized ninja fights. I prefer the ninja fights!

I also like the spontaneity of this Flash Mob.  Definitely unorganized!  This guy was just having a great time and everyone wanted to join him.  My daughter would have made me stop dancing or got very far away from me.

Another view, but much closer to the action…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ursula’s First Day of School

paul mitchellI’m so happy for Ursula!  Today’s her first day of school!  She’s going to become a hairdresser, beautician, cosmetologist… you know… that person that eliminates the question, “bad hair day?”

She’ll be going to Paul Mitchell  for a 1 year program.  She’s very excited to be learning something that she’s been passionate about for such a long time.  She’s a bit nervous, but I’m sure she’ll get into the groove of things in no time.

Not sure why we didn’t get her in school sooner, but it certainly helps with the kids being older.

It’s great to see her excited about school and her future!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Denise is the Over-Achiever!

0719091131aHats off to Denise, my slightly older sister.  She ran in the Buckeye Trail 50K.  OK, everyone, let’s do the math.  A 5K race is 3.1 miles, so 10 times that race is 31 miles. YIKES!  On top of that trail running is 10 times harder than street running.  She conquered the race in 8 hours and 49 minutes.

 0718090946aTrail running seems very intriguing to me, but I think I need to keep running on some solid ground first.  I love the ever changing scenery, but the ups and downs, over and unders, and different terrain have got me hesitant.  I’m sure some day that she’ll talk me into it.  She’s quite the inspiration.

These trail races are for the insanely brave… 149 other runners joined Denise in this trek.  Below is her race bib.0718090934a I’m sure it’s from before the race because it’s a bit too clean.

I got to talk her during the race when she called me after I text her, “You still running!?! :)”  She loved the text, but said that she couldn’t text and run at the same time.  We talked when she was at mile 23.  She sounded pretty good out there.  I could here the smile on her face.  I told her to give me a call after the race.  I got that 24 hours later after she recuperated.  She recounted to me how the race went.

Below is a video of the start of the race.  I couldn’t find her, but I know she’s there somewhere as giddy as can be.

I’m very proud of Denise!  She set her mind to conquer this race and she did.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I’m training for a Marathon… Running the Rock

WhiteRockMarathonI’ve decided to make the commitment and train for a full marathon.  For the longest time, I was planning on running a full marathon in the fall of 2010, but recently decided to push the schedule up a bit.

I wanted to put this new goal in front of me to commit to living a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve gotten lazy recently and want to kick it up a notch.  Nothing like have a behemoth goal in front like a marathon to make you do the right thing on a daily basis.

I’ll be running the Rock… Dallas White Rock Marathon on Sunday, December 13th.  This marathon is near and dear to me, as this is where I got my running bug from.  Specifically it was from watching my sister, Denise run this marathon.  

I’ll be training in Dallas with the Dallas Running Club Fall Marathon Training Program.  Great group of people!

I’m nervous, excited, and totally psyched!  I cannot wait to run it!  The great thing about training for a marathon is that you cannot procrastinate.  You must commit yourself to the running schedule.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Team Manager – Texas Spirit 94 Girls Red

Texas Spirit Logo Final I’ve accepted the position of Team Manager for my daughter’s select soccer team. I actually performed in this role about 4 years ago and am back at it for the same coach, Eddy Kovarik. Eddy has a great love for the game and his players. He’s great to work with both as a Team Manager and as a Parent. I don’t envy his job… that is trying to keep 18 sets of parents and players happy.

Briana’s team is the Texas Spirit 94 Girls Red team (formerly Texas Spirit 94 Girls White). They were in the Lake Highlands Classic DIII league. We’ll have to qualify again to be in the league at the end of July.

My Team Manager duties will kick in strong this week as we have tryouts. Player contracts, medical releases, uniform purchases, payments, etc. to keep track of. Should be a fun couple of weeks.

I’m excited about the players that are still with us and the new players that are coming on board.

Here’s what our crazy schedule looks like over the next few weeks…

Monday, June 29th – Practice at the Plano YMCA – 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday, June 30th – Practice at the Plano YMCA – 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday, July 1st – Tryouts – 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Thursday, July 2nd – Scrimmage with the 93 Girls Team – 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday, July 3rd – Practice – 8:00am – 9:30am

Monday – Thursday, July 6th – 9th – Tryouts/Practice – 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday, July 11th will be a fun busy day!

· Team Car Wash at Wendy’s at the corner of Preston & Rolator – 8:00am – 11:30am

· Scrimmage against FC Dallas – Time TBD

· Team Signing Party at the Damons house (address info will be sent out later)

Sunday, July 12th – 4:00pm – 7:00pm – Texas Spirit Club Signing Party at the Plano YMCA – 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Monday – Friday, July 13th – 17th – Speed Week (2 a day training sessions) – times & locations TBD

Saturday & Sunday, July 18th & 19th – Puma Cup Tournament, Arlington

You’ve got to love soccer for a schedule like that! Now if the temperature wouldn’t be in the triple digits it would be a little more bearable.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Role at FT


Starting this last Monday, June 1st, I’ll be transitioning into the Business Analyst role in Product Management.  I’m really excited about working with the Development Team and having a positive impact on the Fellowship One product.  The transition into this new role will be over the next couple of months as I’m finishing up a large project in the Dallas area.

I’ve enjoyed my role as a Delivery Manager at Fellowship Technologies since September 2005.  I’ll get to use my 3 and a half years of experience in this new position.

As a Business Analyst, I’ll be assisting/working with the Product Owner/Product Manager, Scott Lowrie.  The Development Team uses Scrum which is an Agile process for software development.  One of my biggest responsibilities will be creating user stories and user acceptance tests.

I’m looking forward to getting into this position full time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Evening With FC Dallas

Briana, Ursula and I got to check out a scrimmage with FC Dallas against Midland’s West Texas United Sockers.  Our hometown heroes won 3-0.  We got to see Peri Marosevic score up close.  He worked hard for that goal beating 2 different defenders to slide it in past the keeper.

It was great to see the action up close at ground level.  There was so much talking out there that you don’t get to hear up in the stands.  It was a great thing for Briana to see/hear.

After the scrimmage, Briana and I got a picture with Brek Shea.  He’s been one of the latest up and comers on the team.  He’s very exciting to watch.

Soccer 007-crop

Friday, May 22, 2009

Star Wars is Star Trek

I got to see Star Trek last week with Cairo.  It was awesome!  Go see the movie even if you’re not a trekie!  It lives up to the hype.

I stumbled upon this video and just had to share it.  Too funny!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saving Money is FUN! Kind of… Sort…

Last week, I had that dreaded moment of having the radiator steaming out a warning sign to me.  I took the car into my usual auto repair place and was sticker shocked by how much it would cost to fix it.  Times are a bit tight for us and everyone, so I was determined to fix the car myself.

Below is what the auto repair shop was going to charge me and what I was able to do it for…

Them Me
Radiator $355.00 Radiator $184.00
Labor $240.00 Labor – 0 -
Thermostat $11.43 Thermostat $11.00
Labor $124.80 Labor - 0 -
Flush Coolant $38.95 Flush Coolant $14.00
Labor $48.00 Labor - 0 -
Cost $818.18 $224.92

Cost Savings: $593.16

By the way, the originally gave an estimate with replacement of the Water Pump which would have been another $440.  I did purchase the Water Pump, but decided against once I saw the additional time it would have taken to replace it.  I wanted to see how the car would do with just replacing the radiator and thermostat --- great news is that it’s doing very well!

Looking back at the experience, I tip my hat to the auto repair peeps!  It’s a crazy time working on a car.  It takes a lot of patience and the ability to fit your hand in places that normally a hand shouldn’t be able to fit.  Oh yeah, you have to do this while turning a wrench.

I did have some great help from a neighbor friend.  He helped tremendously.  He definitely seemed to enjoy this more than I did.  Then again, I wanted to keep running into the house to wash my hands.  Just kiddin’!

Kudos to my Dad for dragging me out while he was working on his cars.  Without that experience I wouldn’t have had the courage to work on the car.

If you ever need to get a radiator, check out!  They have great customer service and I was able to pick up the radiator locally.

Friday, May 1, 2009

OKC Half Marathon

OKC 010A bit late with this blog post as I had one crazy busy week.

I had a great time this weekend in Oklahoma City with my family and 18,000 of my closest friends.  My family and I enjoyed getting there on Friday night and relaxing.  Saturday, we went sightseeing.  First, we went to Midwest City to show the kids where we lived when in the Air Force anOKC 013-cropd in the first four years of our marriage.  Everything always looks smaller when you go back to visit.  We drove by Tinker Air Force Base… the kids agreed that it doesn’t look as glamorous as the commercials make the Air Force out to be.  I enjoyed the 8 years that I served.

We checked out the Expo after the walk down memory lane.  The expo was smaller than others I’ve been to, but we all snagged a cool knapsack bag.

Sunday morning came pretty early.  I decided to let the family sleep and I’d take the bus from the hotel down to the start line.

The buses were suppose to be at the hotel every 15 minutes.  After waiting for 40 minutes and no buses, I was able to ride with a mother/daughter duo.  Very nice!  You’ve got to love the running community!  Always willing to help each other out.  There were so many people waiting for the buses.  I doubt that everyone was going to make it on time.

I got downtown in time for my bathroom rituals.  I only had about 5 minutes to get into the staging area.  I wasn’t able to make it into the pace group that I wanted to.  I was forced into the back since the barricades were blocking the way in from the side. 

OKC 002-cropIn the beginning couple of miles, I had the usual excitement and adrenaline pumping.  Since I started in the back, I had to pass a lot of people to get into a comfortable groove.  The early miles weren’t too bad, I felt pretty comfortable.

About half way through the run,the humidity was turned up like crazy.  I was dripping buckets.

There weren’t any major hills, but it seemed that the rolling hills wouldn’t stop.  I was like “come on already, enough with the hills!”

OKC 033 It was such a huge lift to see my family cheering me on along the race.  They were able to find me a couple of times.  I text them each mile along the way.  I also sent text messages to my running sister, Denise along the way.  They both sent me encouraging messages along the way.  Sometimes it was hard to read their messages since I was going soooooo fast!

OKC 268-crop

The race started to the north and then on the return headed to the south.  The south wind brought the humidity that I talked about it.  The wind was a crazy Oklahoman wind.  It kicked up pretty fiercely.

I was really hoping to beat my PR of 2:10:20 for a Half Marathon, but I missed by a half a minute.  In the last mile and a half, I turned up the pace, because I really thought I had a chance to beat that pesky PR.  Check out my race results.  To check out the couple of pictures that were taken of me on the race course, click here and search on the BIB Number of H1570.


I cannot stay away from racing.  Tomorrow morning I’m running in a 5 mile race.  I’ll set a PR for sure since I haven’t run a 5 mile race yet.  I’ve ran in 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, and Half Marathon races.

Friday, April 24, 2009

After 10 Years, I got to meet him again

gods gloryIt’s been 10 years since I asked Christ to be my Lord and Savior.  Until that point I thought that I was in control of my life and lived just for myself.  I’d love to say that I’m the perfect Christian, but feel that I have a long way to go to be pleasing to God.  I’m definitely a work in progress.

This coming up Father’s Day will be 10 years since I’ve been saved at Grace Outreach Center in Plano, TX.  There were many people that laid seeds on my heart toward my eventual conversion, but there was one person that led me through that prayer of salvation. 

As many of you know, I have the great responsibility of implementing Fellowship One at churches locally and nationwide.  Fellowship One is a Church Management Software used to care for people in a church.  Recently, I was assigned to a church in Carrollton, TX which is not too far from where I live in Frisco.  The project has been going well and I’ve met a lot of great people there.

At one of my recent meetings where I train the church staff, there was a man that looked familiar.  After the 2 hour long training session he came up to me and said that I looked familiar as well.  Of course, we went through the normal sharing of where we might know each other.  We settled on that it might be Grace Outreach Center as he went there several years ago.

On the way to my office after the training, I kept thinking about this man and the familiarity of his face.  It finally came to me that this was the man that prayed with me as I accepted Christ in my life.  At that moment chills ran up and down my spine.  I was overcome with a flood of emotions and memories about that season of my life.  I couldn’t believe that after 10 years, God had our paths cross again. 

I wasn’t sure how to contact this person.  Of course, God already had that orchestrated.  I was again at the church yesterday and saw him.  I stopped him in the hall and shared with him how we met and the huge impact that he had on my life.  I thanked him for obeying God and volunteering/serving on that pivotal Sunday morning.  He was appreciative and touched by the connection.

The thing is - this was the person that I needed at that time to help me have the faith to believe.  He had the right words and the God given answers to my questions.

This blessing by God to reconnect with this person has placed a huge smile on my face that has overshadowed all of the things that have been stressing me out.


By the way, only a couple of more days until I run in the Half Marathon in Oklahoma City.  I cannot wait to get away and have some fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Save 58% on Your Car Maintenance

I’m not crazy about car maintenance, but it has to be done.  This is one of the luxuries that I do pay others to do… change the oil in both of my cars.  If you really want to save money, you could do this yourself.  Yes, I’ve been trained.  My dad would drag me out to the garage to work on his cars.  He did a lot of simple car repairs himself.  There was a lot of fond father-son moments shared out in that garage.  As well, I got to learn some colorful words as he would inevitably bust his knuckles in the process.

OK – how did I or how can you save 58% on your car maintenance?  One of my honey-dos for the last couple of weeks was to take the car in to get the oil changed.  Ursula has done this, but it’s not her favorite thing to do.  Of course, when you’re getting the oil changed there’s the free 15 or 115 point inspection.  (That’s their way to ask if you want fries with that shake!)  The oil changing dude said that the air filter needed to be replaced.  He of course showed me what it looked like and it did look pretty bad.  He said that they normally charge $22, but could take off $5 since I was getting the oil changed.  I thought about it and figured that I could change it myself for less.  I watched him put it back and saw where under the hood it was and how relatively easy it looked.

Later that day, I took Cairo, my 13 year old son, to AutoZone and we purchased the air filter.  I told him that it was important that we look like we know what we’re talking about when go in there, so I told him he should do all the talking!  OK, I did the talking and got the air filter after telling them the make, model, and year.  The STP Air Filter was $10.00.  We saved 58% over the $17 cost of what the oil changing place would have charged. 

Below is a video of me replacing the air filter.  Only takes a couple of minutes to change it yourself. 

OK… that’s not me in the video, that dude was my stunt double.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a 14 Mile Run Looks Like

Taking a page from Todd Colucy’s blog, I wanted to share what my 14 mile run looked like from Saturday.  I’m hoping this might encourage ya to come along some time.  It’s a blast!

It was a beautiful day to run.  The temperatures were in the 50s.  I always start out cold and then warm up.  I met up with my Dallas Running Club (DRC) Half Marathon Training group at the Mockingbird Dart Station.  We left from there and ran an easy 14 miles.  We didn’t go for speed as we’ve only got a couple of more weeks of training left.


Above is the Satellite view and below is the Street view.  You can click on the pictures for a larger view.14miles-streetview Highland Park and Turtle Creek were great neighborhoods to run through.  Running is definitely a great way to slow down and check out the sights!


Here’s the elevation of the run.  I prefer flat or down hill.  Hills are a four a letter word in my book!  I like to power through hills to get them over.

Less than 2 weeks until I run the Half Marathon in OKC.  I cannot wait!  I’m ready and excited!  I’m not sure if I’ll beat my previous PR as it was pre-surgeries, but I’ll give it a try.  However, I don’t want to get to crazy.  I’ll be happy to be close.

I’m so thankful to God that my heart hasn’t had any problems since having the Catheter Ablation surgery back in the first of January!  My feet are still quirky… I have weird nerve sensations which really only bothers me when I’m at rest.  I guess I’ve got to keep running!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

87 Miles

I guess I’m back in the full swing of running.  I ran 87 miles in the month of March.  Compared to 24 miles that I ran in February and 6 in January, yes – I’m back!  By the way, 87 miles is the most that I’ve run in a calendar month.  Followed by 86 miles back in November.

It’s good to be back!  It was a slow start in the beginning, but each run seems to be getting better.  I’m still off my pace that I built up to in December, but that will come back in time.

My feel still sting and hurt a little from the nerve pain.  I cannot wait for that to go away.  It’s just downright annoying!  The funny thing is that it doesn’t hurt when I run.  My mom, being the mom that she is, told me to just keep running.  I love my mom!

The great news is that I haven’t had any episodes with my heart.  Thank God for that one!  Even though that the Cardiologists say that it was just an inconvenience… it was a bit too scary of an inconvenience!

I’m looking forward to the Half Marathon that I’m running at the end of the month in Oklahoma City.  The whole family’s coming along so it’s going to be a lot of fun as we check out our old stomping ground in OKC and Midwest City.

Happy April Fools Day!  An April Fools Day Story for ya… 16 years ago, Ursula called me on April 1st, 1993 and told me that she was pregnant.  I didn’t believe her because she told me on April Fools Day.  Well, it was true and 9 months later, we were blessed with our first born, Briana.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

I really like this song and this video!  I’ve watched it a few times and keep seeing something new that happens.  Sometimes I toss and turn, but not as much as they did… I hope not!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I’m Running

MarksBirthday I’ve been told it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog post… well, that’s because I’ve been RUNNING!  :)

OK – lame excuse, but I’ve been running and I’m happy!  It hasn’t been picture perfect running, but I’m back on my training schedule.  I’ve also reserved the hotel room for the Half Marathon race that I’ll be running at the of April in Oklahoma City.  That’s a bit of a commitment.

My feet still hurt a little bit, but it’s diminishing a little each day.  Sometimes I think that there will be some lingering affects with the nerve pain.

I had a great Birthday celebration with the family last week.  Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.  I enjoyed dinner at the new Genghis Grill in Frisco.  Posted above is a picture of Ursula and I at the restaurant.  Of course, Briana and Cairo were on the other side of the table.  :)

I’m really looking forward to running with my training group down at White Rock Lake on Saturday.  It’s been too long.  I’ve been running on my own for the last few weeks just to make sure that I could keep with them.

I had a great visit in Ohio with the family.  I got to see snow and thanks to Denise… got to run in snow and 20 degrees.  Yikes!  That was more fun than I thought it would be!Cleveland 007Cleveland 005 Cleveland 011

Denise took my picture in front of a huge snow hill.  It actually is smaller than it was at it’s peak as some of it melted.  The family’s teenagers build this snow hill for fun.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Super Save Day for Dynamic Church 2009

DC09_email_signature Exciting times coming up in May, Fellowship Technologies will be having our 3rd annual Dynamic Church conference.  The company just had it’s 5th year anniversary and I have been there for 3.5 years.  It’s definitely been a blessed time working at this company.  If you’re one of the church customers that I’ve had the pleasure in working with, I want to encourage you to attend this conference.  You will definitely gain knowledge, insight, and build relationships with Fellowship Technologies, partners, and other church customers.

This conference is not only for our current customers, but for our prospective customers.  In the past, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting churches that were interested in finding out what Fellowship Technologies and Fellowship One was all about.  There’s no better way than this conference!

Super Saver discount ends Monday, March 2nd

Make sure to hurry to take advantage of the Super Saver Discount!  Today is the last day to register for just $449 and $399 for groups of 3 or more.


NEW! Developers Track for just $149

Check out the new one day Developer Track designed for the churches that want to take Fellowship One to the next level using the new Fellowship One RESTful API.  Code demonstrations will include a native iPhone application, Facebook integration, ExpressionEngine, and ASP .NET MVC. RESTful API is the interface that everyone’s been waiting for!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in May!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soccer and then some

I haven’t blogged for awhile.  So I’ll need to catch up a bit…


Briana-Battle Briana’s JV team at Centennial High School has been doing pretty well.  They won their first tournament and have won the majority of their league games.  Her select team, Texas Spirit White, got back into action over this weekend where they had a record of 1-1-1.  It was good to see the girls get back together after being off since December.  Here’s a great picture of Briana battling it out with an opponent from this weekend’s tournament.


I’m signed up for a Half Marathon at the end of April so I need to get my training in high gear.  I ran yesterday and today.  It’s the first time I ran two consecutive days since December.  My feet still hurt, but not as badly.  My cardio needs a lot of work.  I hope to be back in training with the DRC group in 2-3 weeks.

It’s a bit depressing to be 30 seconds off of my pace where I was at pre-surgeries.  I know… I just need to be patient, but arrrgggghhh!!!  OK, I feel better after that outburst!


Ursula’s birthday is tomorrow.  Give her a call on her cell phone.  FYI – we don’t have the home phone number anymore.  We’ll be taking her to dinner tomorrow night.

Speaking of family, I’ll get to visit my snowbound family in Ohio.  I have a couple of customers that I have to travel to in Ohio which allows me to visit my family.  A great perk of the job!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and running in SNOW!

Below is a picture of Ursula and I after Briana’s Friday night soccer game.  It was a bit windy – that’s why my hair is messed up!  :)

Soccer 009