Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Addition to the Lindsley Family

Arbor Hills 003-croppedI’ve been enjoying time off from work and spending time with my family.  Working with multiple projects, it’s sometimes hard to take a break from work.  However, during the Christmas season, it gets pretty quiet with my church customers.

We had Ursula’s sister, Cheryl and her boys stay with us during Christmas.  It was great to have her visit.  Ursula’s parents also came out for Christmas.  Like usual, John loaded up a suit case full of his awesome smoked meats and divided them up between the sisters.  Besides a great leader, he sure can smoke some awesome BBQ.

Cheryl brought 4 dogs and went home with 3 dogs.  She left Peanut, a little black poodle.  He’s a pretty good little guy and has really grown into the fold of our family.  He’s a lap dog and loves to be around everyone.  Jacob, our cat and Peanut have gotten along OK for now.  They keep their distance and have had a couple of funny interactions.  One funny interaction is when Peanut jumped on our bed, but didn’t realize that Jacob was on the bed.  Mid-air Peanut did an about face and retreated to the floor.  Priceless!

Peanut doesn’t yap and bark at every single noise which is a bonus. Cairo has claimed him as a sleep buddy.  The picture above is from a family walk that we took in Arbor Hills in Plano.

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