Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save $1,000 in 30 Days

I’m a bit behind in getting this info out, but still felt it necessary as there our a lot of great tips in saving money in this challenge.  On Ramit Sethi’s blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich, he posted a Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge.  Even though it started November 1st, you can still take advantage of the tips posted from the previous days.

If you like eating out once in awhile, make sure to take advantage of the $25 gift certificates for $2.  Hurry, because the deal expires in 2 days!  Use the code “SURPRISE” to get the discount.

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Susan F. Su said...

Hi Mark!

My name is Susan Su. I'm working with Ramit Sethi of and he pointed me to this post.

Couple of things I wanted to ask you:

1. Ramit just put out a private video on automating your finances and we wanted to send it to you as a thank-you.
2. His new book is coming out, and for the people who pre-order the book (it's about $10) in the next few days, you'll get 6 chapters by PDF before anyone else, plus entry into a private community with premium content. Can I send you some more info and the link to the video? If yes, please drop me a line as soon as possible -- susanfsu (at)