Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Half Marathon Reflections

DRC Half-1 I’ve been pretty busy since running in the DRC Half Marathon on Sunday.  So I’ve been behind in getting this post out.  I was also waiting for the race photos to be published.  You’ll see how much of a ham that Denise is!  :)

It’s such an awesome feeling to achieve something that seems so out of reach!  13.1 miles sounds like 1,300 miles when you’ve never been much of a runner or a walker.  However, with a proper training program and support from family and friends, you CAN achieve it! 

What made this achievement so much better was sharing it with my sister, Denise.  We ran the whole race together and had so much fun!  I think the smiles in the pictures show how much fun we had.  Denise is the one that got me into running and is the first one ever to say that “I could do it!”  Of course others encouraged me, but I’ll always remember last year when she came for the Dallas White Rock Marathon and always seemed to have a smile on her face.  I wanted that smile, darn it!  I just didn’t know that you had to work so hard for it, but of course it’s so worth it!

Thinking about running?  You CAN do it!  Just take it slow and gradually build up your distance/time to meet your goals.  It’s such a joy running farther and faster.

6 more weeks until my next Half Marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

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