Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Briana Makes High School Soccer Team!

DSC_0308-9 Great news!  Briana made the High School Soccer Team!  She’s been placed on the JV team.  She practiced a majority of the time with the Varsity team, so we thought that she might land up there, but was placed on the JV team.  The coach let her know that she’d get so much more playing time on the JV team.  The cool thing is that teammates from the Varsity team went to the coach and asked if Briana could stay and play on the Varsity team, but the coach let them know the same answer.  There will be plenty of time for her to move up to Varsity over the next four years.

Some of Briana’s friends didn’t make it and she told me that she was there to console and comfort them.  I’m proud of her compassion for her friends.

The high school soccer games start in January… Brrrr!  Her club team has 3 tournaments coming up – November 21-23, November 28-30, & December 12-14.  Of course, I’ll keep ya posted on how things go.

Cairo finished up his season a couple of weeks ago.  His team will be playing this Saturday in the Tournament of Champions tournament.  We’re sure that he’s excited about it!

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