Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Soccer-HomecomingDance 002Briana attended the Homecoming football game and Homecoming Dance.  I feel like I’m getting older all the time as I watch her and Cairo grow up.  She looked very lovely in her dress.

Both Briana and Cairo had soccer games on Saturday.  Cairo won his game.  The great news is that he scored a goal and had two assists.  The bummer is that I missed the game as they both had games at the same time.  Briana tied her game.  It was very evenly matched.

I had a 15K race down at White Rock Lake with the Dallas Running Club.  It’s a part of their monthly races.  I did well with a time of 1:29 which is a pace of 9:32 per mile.  However, my left foot was killing me.  Before the 9 mile race around the lake, I met with my training group and we ran 3 miles before the race.  We were scheduled to run 12 miles for that day.  The 3 miles was definitely a good warm up.

I hope you have a great week!  Only 4 more weeks until I run my goal of a Half Marathon!

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