Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Act Like You’re Interested

Talking honestly here… speaking purely of myself and it might be the same for you… I’m self-centered and I really like what I like.  When someone tells me about their interests, at times, my mind doesn’t take it all in.  I go on autopilot. I’m lazy, I don’t want to necessarily listen since it’s not about me.  Please know that this is not all the time, but the man of flesh that I am leads me this way.  When I’m led by the Holy Spirit, I operate the way that God wants me to.

Pastor Jesse Daniel shared with us this weekend that he had one of those moments with his wife this weekend.  I like how he keeps it real.  He shared with us that his wife wanted him to read something.  For several reasons he didn’t want to – he was tired, sick, didn’t feel like it, etc.  She kept asking and saying that it was important to her.  He kept saying “No, not now” until she finally said, “Jesse, just act like you’re interested!

Act like you’re interested!  Wow!  That hit me like a ton when I heard it.  Why?  Because I know how good I feel when someone is interested in what I’m saying or doing (acting or not).  I know that Ursula is not necessarily interested in my new joy of running.  However, when she acts like she’s interested, I love that feeling.  I love how she’ll listen and ask questions about it and not look like she’s getting bored.

Let me warn you, this acting can lead to some pretty awesome results!  I’m always trying to connect to this awesome daughter of mine, Briana.  We love each other dearly, but there always seems to be a distance that I want to close between us.  We’re always joking on each other about one thing or another.  Sunday, she told me that she cannot wait for the release of a new movie to come out based on her favorite novels.  So, I joked, I cannot wait either.  She saw through this and said, NOT!  She said to be really looking forward to the movie, I would have needed to read the books.  Acting interested and half-joking, I said that I would read the books.  She ran to her room and got the first book.  The excitement on her face was priceless, so I acted interested and took on the task.  The conversations we’ve had recently have been more meaningful.  I love hearing the excitement in her voice.  I’ve been enjoying reading the book, but even more so, I love the happiness that it has brought Briana.

Once you get past the acting stage of “Act like you’re interested” and you can really see the joy that it brings to your loved ones, you’ll be more apt to do it.  This is a God thing as I need Him to get over my laziness and self-centeredness.  This is my daily prayer!

As well, you might really get interested in your loved ones interests.  Since Sunday, I’ve read two-thirds of the book that Briana gave me.  I cannot wait to share with her what I read.

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