Monday, October 20, 2008


DRC-GroupI had a blast at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K this Saturday.  There were so many people out there for this worthwhile effort.  I was so glad that Briana came along to cheer me on.  We had fun hanging out together.  We don’t always get to ride the DART train so that was fun.  We got to meet up and hang out with my Dallas Running Club (DRC) friends.  We ran the race and then had a great breakfast at Panera Bread.  It was Briana’s first time there and she loved it.

SGK-5KMy last timed 5K race was back in the beginning of July at the DRC Independence 5K race in which I ran a 29:14.  That race pace was at 9:25 minute miles.  I was very happy with that at that time.  After training with the DRC group since that time I’ve been able to run farther and faster.  I ran the 5K on Saturday in 26:44.  Crazy!  That’s a 8:31minute mile pace.  I knocked off nearly 1 minute per mile for my 5K.  I definitely won’t be running at this pace for the Half Marathon, but what a satisfaction to see all of the hard work and training come through.  Briana got a picture of me and I made sure to smile!  I think I went over the top with the jazz hands!  :)

Speaking of the Half Marathon, our running group and others ran the course for the DRC Half Marathon yesterday morning.  I did it in 2:08 with about 4 stops.  That’s a 9:40 minute mile pace.

In other fun news – Cairo scored a goal in his soccer game on Saturday.  He received a well placed pass from his teammate, lined up the shot, and shot it into the air.  It was from a good amount of distance.  The ball hit the top cross bar and dropped in.  There was no way that the goal keeper was going to get that one.  It’s so exciting to see your child score a goal.  He was so happy afterward!

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