Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Briana-on-the-runI hope everyone had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend.  We had fun at the soccer fields on Saturday and Sunday and then pretty much relaxed the rest of the time.  Briana and her team had a great showing at the Bob Wiseman Labor Day Soccer Tournament.  They won 2 out of their 3 games.  Unfortunately they didn't make it into the playoffs/finals as they needed to tie or win the last game.  We had a lot of scoring opportunities, but couldn't get a goal to drop to tie or win the last game.  The team tried so hard.  It's a bummer to see them come so close to making it into the playoffs.  The good thing is that their play got better for each game.  Briana played wheels off as usual!  I love watching her play.

I logged a good amount of hours with Cairo on the XBox 360 playing video games.  Cairo and I played online with his school friends.  They were surprised that I was playing with him and them and wanted to know how to get their fathers to play.  Dads - you don't have to be good at your kiddos' games/sports, just be there and enjoy it with them.  Believe me, I'm pretty darn bad, but I enjoy the time that I'm hanging out with Cairo Man!  These video games sure are different then back in the Atari days. 

We also did some swimming in the back yard.  Good times!

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