Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Funny Video

I got home from Chicago at 10:30pm last night.  A bit late to see the kids as they were already in bed.

HAPPINESS is my son "sneaking" out of his room to give me a hug.  We had a great meaningful embrace and then he said don't tell Mom, I'm suppose to be in bed.  I just love this gesture of his love for me.  I cherish it!

Enjoy this funny video.  I really like it because 1) I like monkeys and 2) I like taunting cats, namely our cat Jacob.


By the way, it's 24 hours until I run in my longest race to date.  The Tour Des Fleurs 20K down at White Rock Lake.  I'm excited, nervous, and just cannot wait to do it!  There's something about a race!

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