Saturday, September 13, 2008

1 Week Until Tour Des Fleurs

tdf1 week until my next race - Tour Des Fleurs at White Rock Lake.  I haven't been in a race for a few months as the summer heat has been pretty oppressive in Texas.  I've been rising pretty early to beat the heat.  I usually run at 6:00am.  Even so, the temp is still in the low 70s and rising.

I'll be running the 20K in the Tour Des Fleurs.  The 20K is 12.4 miles which is pretty challenging since I've ran this distance only once --- this morning.  I really wanted to run the distance before actually being in the race.  It's great to get it mentally and physically over with before being in a race at that distance. 

I'm only .7 miles away from hitting the Half Marathon distance of 13.1 miles.  How exciting is that!?!  In the beginning of the year, I couldn't run 2 minutes and now I'm running for 2 hours.

I started my run this morning at 5:30am so that I could beat Hurricane Ike and be able to see Cairo's 8:00am soccer game.  Cairo played well, but the team was beat pretty badly.  It was exciting to see him up top playing forward.  He had a couple of scoring opportunities, but couldn't get them in there.  The great thing is that he sees what he needs to improve on in this new position.

The rain and wind picked up pretty well here in Frisco from Hurricane Ike, but nothing too crazy.

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