Saturday, August 30, 2008

Out for a week

My left foot has been bothering me for a month or two.  The top of the foot has a bump and would hurt at times during running, but would really hurt at the end of the day.  By the end of the end, I'd always be taking off my shoe to give myself some relief.  Of course, I thought the pain would just go away on its own, but duhhhh... no!  I'm sure that's pretty hard to happen when I'm now running up to 20 miles a week.
foot types

The prognosis is that I have metatorsal adductus which causes my high arches and that resulted in the boney spur/cyst on the top of my left foot.  My right foot has a slight bump as well, but has not got as far as the left.

To relieve the pain my foot doctor gave me a shot of cortisone in my foot.  That wasn't pleasant, but unfortunately necessary.  I'm suppose to not run for a week - ugh!  Which is a complete bummer, because I've been very anal about my training schedule and want to make sure that I get my miles in there.  However, as my sister, Denise, has reminded me - the rest and recovery of the week will probably help me in the log run.

The treatment is to get the swelling down by use of the cortisone injection and not running for a week.  Also, I've been fitted for custom orthotics/inserts for my shoes.  Of course, I had to go for the "marathoner" version of the orthotics.  These will help with the repetitive stress that I'm putting on my feet and legs.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get these made.  Unfortunately these weren't covered by my health insurance company.  Grrrrrrr!

If the above treatment doesn't work then they would have to surgically remove the boney spur/cyst.  I'm hoping the treatment works!

I cannot wait to get back to running.  While I'm writing this on a Saturday morning, I would have been running with my running group down at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  However, I plan to be running for a long time, so I'll listen to the doctor.  Now if I could just get my Cardiologist to return my calls in a timely manner.  It seems that they'll only call you back if you're dying.


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Jeff said...

Hang in there dude. Look at the bright side, you get to focus all your engergy on!

Todd C said...


This would be a great time to take up bicycling. What do you think?

Your buddy from Ohio