Saturday, August 2, 2008

Max Heart Rate - 234

I had a good run this morning running 7.5 miles at Russell Creek in Plano.  At the end of my run which is normal my heart rate was at 170 +/- which I can tell from my Garmin 305 which has a heart rate monitor.  After my run, I usually cool down by walking it off and then some stretching.  However, about 1 minute into my cool down walk, my heart rate popped up from 160 to 234.  Yikes!

heart rateYou can see with the above chart that my heart rate was at 170 which was when I stopped the timer on my Garmin.  It then spiked to 250 and leveled at the 220s. 

I've had this happen before and have gone to the hospital for it a couple of times.  I was hoping to wait it out for awhile, but it kept pumping away like mad with such a hard thump, that it's nothing but scary.  I waited for about 15 minutes and then decided to drive toward home.  The great thing is there is a hospital between Russell Creek and home.  If my heart went back to normal I would just keep driving home, but it didn't.  Bummer!

Did you know that you get seen pretty quickly when you have a problem with your heart?  :)  I still had my heart rate monitor running and was able to tell them that I was still at 220.

They got me all situated and the hard part was it took them awhile to get a good EKG because I was sweating so much.  Not only did I just run 7.5 miles, but with my heart rate at 200+, my body was sweating buckets!  The problem with sweating is that they have all of these stickers that they have to attach to you for the EKG reading.  We finally got a good reading and it looked like I had a failing polygraph test.

They were about to give me medicine through the IV that I've had before that would have "rebooted" my heart.  However, I came out of the episode on my own.  Suddenly instead of a 200+ heart rate, I was down to 90.  CRAZY!  I'm so glad that I didn't get that medicine.

I recovered well after that and stayed in the ER for some monitoring.  The ER doc said what I've heard before that I've got some extra electrical wiring between the upper and lower part of my heart.  I would need need to see my cardiologist and electrophysiologist to get this worked out.  However, I'm hoping that we've got a good reading to learn something from.

I did see my cardiologist a couple of weeks ago and everything looked normal.  He even made a comment that he saw no reason that I couldn't run in a half marathon in November.  I loved hearing that!  Anyway, I guess I'll be back seeing him again this coming up week.

All is well!  God is awesome!  I just wanted to let you know that my max heart rate is a bit off the charts!


Anonymous said...

You did the right thing by going to the hospital. I am glad that you are alright. You are blessed.

Just wanted to you know that I am always thinking about you.

I love you very much.
Your sis,

Chris said...

hey mark - real glad you're alright ... that can be a bit scary. We missed you this saturday in the DRC 3x2 relay race! hope to see you wednesday ...

Todd C said...


I think you need to change your batteries in your Garmond.