Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicago Running

IMG00064 I had a great time on Saturday running in downtown Chicago on Lake Shore Drive.  There were a lot of runners, bikers, and the occasional roller blader dudes.  I ran my scheduled 9 miles.  I was a bit bummed running in Chicago because this is the week that my running group was going to be running completely around White Rock Lake for the first time.  However, it was still cool running in Chicago.  It was pretty humid and warm though.

Unfortunately, I had another episode with my heart.  When I hit my 9th mile, my heart jumped up to 240 and stayed up there for about an hour.  I got my heartbeat to go down on my own without going to the hospital.  It's been hard to hook up with the doctors with the traveling that I've been doing.  I'll get there though because I'm getting tired of my heart rate flying off the charts.

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Joanbayonne's Blog said...

Mark please be careful out there running. Stay safe.