Saturday, August 30, 2008

Out for a week

My left foot has been bothering me for a month or two.  The top of the foot has a bump and would hurt at times during running, but would really hurt at the end of the day.  By the end of the end, I'd always be taking off my shoe to give myself some relief.  Of course, I thought the pain would just go away on its own, but duhhhh... no!  I'm sure that's pretty hard to happen when I'm now running up to 20 miles a week.
foot types

The prognosis is that I have metatorsal adductus which causes my high arches and that resulted in the boney spur/cyst on the top of my left foot.  My right foot has a slight bump as well, but has not got as far as the left.

To relieve the pain my foot doctor gave me a shot of cortisone in my foot.  That wasn't pleasant, but unfortunately necessary.  I'm suppose to not run for a week - ugh!  Which is a complete bummer, because I've been very anal about my training schedule and want to make sure that I get my miles in there.  However, as my sister, Denise, has reminded me - the rest and recovery of the week will probably help me in the log run.

The treatment is to get the swelling down by use of the cortisone injection and not running for a week.  Also, I've been fitted for custom orthotics/inserts for my shoes.  Of course, I had to go for the "marathoner" version of the orthotics.  These will help with the repetitive stress that I'm putting on my feet and legs.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get these made.  Unfortunately these weren't covered by my health insurance company.  Grrrrrrr!

If the above treatment doesn't work then they would have to surgically remove the boney spur/cyst.  I'm hoping the treatment works!

I cannot wait to get back to running.  While I'm writing this on a Saturday morning, I would have been running with my running group down at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  However, I plan to be running for a long time, so I'll listen to the doctor.  Now if I could just get my Cardiologist to return my calls in a timely manner.  It seems that they'll only call you back if you're dying.


Ever wonder what happens to all of those cool buildings that they build for the Olympics?  Check out this article.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cowboys Night Out

IMG00070It's great being home!  I've been on the road for quite awhile over the last couple of months with my longest trip just finishing up on Wednesday night.  On the spur of the moment, I thought it'd be fun to take Cairo to a Dallas Cowboys game.  They played a preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings.

I used to get the tickets.  I mentioned them before in a previous post, but they're really worth bragging on again.  But, here's your new tip for using them... do a google search on StubHub and code to get a  discount on your tickets.  It just took me a few minutes and I was able to get $10 off the total price.  I was able to get lower level 30 yard line seats for a grand total of $35.  Very cool!  If I went for upper level they would have been much cheaper.  Now, if I only had a discount code for that $30 parking!  Yikes!


We had a great time at the game.  Yes, it would have been nice to see the starters play, such as Tony Romo, Jason Whitten, and Terrell Owens, but it was definitely a fun experience.  It was great to get away with the Cairo Man and have some guy time!  I still remember the first time I went and saw a pro football game.  However, it was much colder seeing the Cleveland Browns play.  I definitely wasn't wearing shorts for that game.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicago Running

IMG00064 I had a great time on Saturday running in downtown Chicago on Lake Shore Drive.  There were a lot of runners, bikers, and the occasional roller blader dudes.  I ran my scheduled 9 miles.  I was a bit bummed running in Chicago because this is the week that my running group was going to be running completely around White Rock Lake for the first time.  However, it was still cool running in Chicago.  It was pretty humid and warm though.

Unfortunately, I had another episode with my heart.  When I hit my 9th mile, my heart jumped up to 240 and stayed up there for about an hour.  I got my heartbeat to go down on my own without going to the hospital.  It's been hard to hook up with the doctors with the traveling that I've been doing.  I'll get there though because I'm getting tired of my heart rate flying off the charts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Connection

liukinI have to share with y'all that I met Valeri Liukin and his daughter Nastia about 4 years ago.  At that time Valeri was the coach for Carly Patterson who was wonderfully successful in the 2004 Summer Olympics.  At that same time I had my own small business installing Home Theatre, Whole House Audio, Home Automation, etc in new and existing homes.

A homebuilder that we had a relationship with connected us with his his homebuyer which was Valeri Liukin.  He was a great guy to work with.  I met him a couple of times at the gym which was pretty cool.  I remember seeing a younger Nastia Liukin there at the gym.

Anyhow, I just had to share my little brush with fame.  It's way cool to say, "Hey, I met that guy!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fitness Check

I had a checkup at my doctors today.  He was very happy with how I've changed my nutrition and physical activities.  Specifically, I've lowered my cholesterol count tremendously.  He always wanted me to get my low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol count down.  The LDL is the "bad" cholesterol.  To learn more about cholesterol, check out the American Heart Society's website.  I cannot understand this stuff, all I know is that a majority of the time I'm making healthier choices when I eat.

cholestrolAnyhow, I lowered my LDL count a whole 54 points.  From 159 which was the top of the Borderline High classification to 104 which is at the low end of the Near Optimal/Above Optimal classification.  He's super happy as he said that most everyone has it in their ability to get off medication to lower their cholesterol and live a healthier life.

The 100 Pushup Challenge seems to be quite contagious.  A couple of my co-workers are doing it as well, Big Lew and Jeremy.  Way to go, guys!  You can do it!

I hope everyone is doing well with their pushups.  It's definitely a challenge for me.  My arms are going to be huge when I get to the end... not!

Soccer Retreat

PK6x4I had a great time with Briana and her soccer team at the team's annual soccer retreat.  The soccer retreat is held at Camp Grady Spruce at Possum Kingdom Lake which is about 2 hours southwest of Dallas.

At first Briana didn't want me to go and help with the other soccer parents.  She was worried that I was going to embarrass her or encourage/urge her to do things that she didn't want to do. 

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  I gave Briana the space she needed and was able to enjoy the weekend with her and the soccer dads.

The girls worked and played hard throughout the entire weekend.  Lots of training and team bonding.

I got my 8 mile run in on Saturday morning and I think I found the hills in Texas!  Ouch!  It was a great run though at 6:30am as I saw the following critters: 2 deer, several rabbits, some large jack rabbits, an armadillo, and a snake.  Living in Texas for the past 12+ years, I've only seen dead armadillos on the side of the road.  So, it was cool to see a live one scampering 10 feet in front of me.  I didn't care to much to see the snake near the road, however, we both kept our distance!

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to go and share this weekend with Briana.  Time is getting short with Briana as she's growing up.

By the way, this is probably the first weekend that I was fully unplugged.  My T-Mobile phone had negative bars at the soccer camp.  I actually enjoyed this as my email comes to my Blackberry and I tend to read them as they come in.  Well, these weekend emails can definitely wait until Monday.  The weekend was a bit more stress free.  I'll have to see if I can turn off my emails from the Blackberry on the weekends.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dallas Morning News Discusses Fellowship Technologies

JPG FT-Corp-Two-Color-HoriDallas Morning News does a great job discussing Fellowship One and the company that I work for which is Fellowship Technologies.  I'm proud to be a part of this organization that enables churches to take care of their flock better. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can you do 100 Pushups?

onehundredpushupsI certainly cannot, but how cool would it be to say that you can!?!?  I never thought that I could run 8 miles let alone a 5K (3.1 miles).  However, with a program like the Couch to 5K program on, it was something that I've achieved and maintained.

There's a website called One Hundred Push Ups that promotes the same type of thing, but for achieving the ability to pump out 100 pushups.  The program is 6 weeks long with you pushing up 3 times a week.  I'm going to give it a shot next week.  Denise and 6 of her co-workers are also doing the program.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Max Heart Rate - 234

I had a good run this morning running 7.5 miles at Russell Creek in Plano.  At the end of my run which is normal my heart rate was at 170 +/- which I can tell from my Garmin 305 which has a heart rate monitor.  After my run, I usually cool down by walking it off and then some stretching.  However, about 1 minute into my cool down walk, my heart rate popped up from 160 to 234.  Yikes!

heart rateYou can see with the above chart that my heart rate was at 170 which was when I stopped the timer on my Garmin.  It then spiked to 250 and leveled at the 220s. 

I've had this happen before and have gone to the hospital for it a couple of times.  I was hoping to wait it out for awhile, but it kept pumping away like mad with such a hard thump, that it's nothing but scary.  I waited for about 15 minutes and then decided to drive toward home.  The great thing is there is a hospital between Russell Creek and home.  If my heart went back to normal I would just keep driving home, but it didn't.  Bummer!

Did you know that you get seen pretty quickly when you have a problem with your heart?  :)  I still had my heart rate monitor running and was able to tell them that I was still at 220.

They got me all situated and the hard part was it took them awhile to get a good EKG because I was sweating so much.  Not only did I just run 7.5 miles, but with my heart rate at 200+, my body was sweating buckets!  The problem with sweating is that they have all of these stickers that they have to attach to you for the EKG reading.  We finally got a good reading and it looked like I had a failing polygraph test.

They were about to give me medicine through the IV that I've had before that would have "rebooted" my heart.  However, I came out of the episode on my own.  Suddenly instead of a 200+ heart rate, I was down to 90.  CRAZY!  I'm so glad that I didn't get that medicine.

I recovered well after that and stayed in the ER for some monitoring.  The ER doc said what I've heard before that I've got some extra electrical wiring between the upper and lower part of my heart.  I would need need to see my cardiologist and electrophysiologist to get this worked out.  However, I'm hoping that we've got a good reading to learn something from.

I did see my cardiologist a couple of weeks ago and everything looked normal.  He even made a comment that he saw no reason that I couldn't run in a half marathon in November.  I loved hearing that!  Anyway, I guess I'll be back seeing him again this coming up week.

All is well!  God is awesome!  I just wanted to let you know that my max heart rate is a bit off the charts!