Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mosquito Running

While traveling it's always interesting trying to find a place to run.  I've always checked out MapMyRun.com to help me find shared routes near the hotel I'm stating at or to create my own running route. 

This time I tried a different approach, I visited the local running store, Runner's Edge.  I asked them about local running trails and they pointed me to Old School Forest Preserve.  Everyone at the store was very helpful!  That's what I love about this close knit running community - everyone's so darn helpful!  They even printed out the map for me.

Old School Forest Preserve was so much fun!  It's so much more fun running where there's scenery to check out instead of hitting the pavement.  The only bad part is that I had some little friends chasing me and biting at me.  The mosquitos were out in full force last night.  I'm hoping that they're going to sleep in tomorrow as I'll be back at it tomorrow morning.

P.S. - I'll be running in a 5K on Saturday July 5th with the Dallas Running Club.  I'm looking forward to it as it'll be the first time to run at White Rock Lake.

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