Saturday, July 5, 2008

I rocked White Rock Lake!

Running 003-webI ran in the Independence 5K down at Dallas White Rock Lake this morning.  I ran the my fastest 5K so far.  My Garmin watch had it at 29:14... which is totally crazy!  My previous best 5K time was 30:48 which was last month.  I started out a lot faster than I thought I should have with my first mile at 9:26.  I'm so pumped at the beginning of a race that it seems I always start out faster than I should.  My second mile I slowed down to 9:42 which is still well ahead of my normal running pace.  The third mile I was feeling great so I kept up the pace and actually kicked it a little higher with a 9:14 mile.  I believe that's my fastest mile so far.  What an awesome feeling to keep better and better as I go along.

White Rock Lake is such a beautiful place to run!  There were so many walkers, runners, and bikers in the park.  I cannot wait to get back down there for my long runs.

I was so glad that Ursula came along.  I didn't know anybody there and it was so awesome to see her smiling face as I got to the finish line.

Running 007-webYo Denise... here's your dog picture!  We saw a biker that had their 3 little dogs in the child carrier on the back of their bike.  Of course, we had to get a picture.  We had one of these kiddie carriers for Briana and Cairo when they were wee little!

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Anonymous said...

Mark - You are a machine! Way to finish strong! - Congrats on your impressive time!

Now them some real Texas Dogs livin the life!

Lovin you
Run Happy!