Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Still Believe by Pastor Greg Laurie

When I first came to know Christ some 9+ years ago, I listened to Pastor Greg Laurie on the radio.  He has a way of sharing God with listeners in such an awesome way.  Ursula and I actually went and visited his church in Riverside, CA when we had a chance back in 2001.  I've followed him for quite awhile and love how God is using him.

Greg's son, Chris passed away Thursday in a car accident.  Below is a video from Pastor Greg on the passing of his son.

My prayers are with Greg and his family during this challenging time.

Lake Highlands Qualifying Tourney Video #2

Pictures from Connie

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Highlands Qualifying Tourney Video

Awesome job, girls! Sorry about the wacky version of "We are the Champions!". I couldn't use the original for some reason.


Bracket-C Congrats to the Texas Spirit 94G White team!  The girls fought hard throughout the entire weekend in triple digit weather to make it into Lake Highlands Classic League DIII!  All 3 games were very exciting and close.  I think a lot of us parents need to take some time off to recover from the roller coaster of emotions from this weekend!  It's awesome to finish on such a high!

The girls and Coach Eddy have been working so hard to make it to this level!  We all couldn't be more happier for them and him!

A video will be uploaded ASAP!  :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

King Tut Tourney Video #1

This is a video of pictures that I took from the King Tut Tourney las weekend.

King Tut Tourney Video #2

Pictures from another parent on the team. They are of course of a higher quality! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun HOT Weekend!

We had a fun hot weekend here in Texas. Briana and her soccer team had 4 games played over Friday - Sunday. One game on Friday and Saturday and two on Sunday. The girls did very well. They won 1 game, tied 2 games, and lost 1 game. The girls looked strong, but the heat and the week's two-a-day practices probably took a toll on them.

Above are 130+ pictures of the action. As you can see there were a couple of clouds out there.

I'll put together an Animoto video of the pics over the next couple of days.

P.S. Our air conditioning is back in working order. YEAH!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No AC in TX

Hmmm... why does an air conditioner always seem to go out in the heat of the summer!?!  On top of that on a Saturday when they cannot get "that" part!?!  I guess it just works out that way.  Anyway, we've had to postpone and limit our getaway that we were going to take since the A/C repair dude will be back on Monday to fix the A/C.

The family and I aren't suffering too bad.  We're using hotel points to stay at a nearby hotel.  Fun had by all!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Running Video

It's been a fun year running so far. It's only going to get better! Below is a video of some fun running pictures that I've been accumulating.

This is a really cool tool that I found through all of the blogs that I read. Animoto will take pictures and a song and create a cool video based on the style of the pictures and song.

30 second videos are free. Anything beyond that I recommend purchasing the annual subscription of $30 per year. I plan on using this for displaying pictures from running, soccer, family get togethers and such.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Texas Spirit

TXSpiritIt's that time of the year when we have to pick which soccer team Briana will be playing with.  I actually hate this time of the year, because we're making a year long decision that ultimately someone's not going to be happy... namely the team that we're not going with.  It would be so much easier to stay with the same team.  Of course, that's what we'd REALLY like to do.  So, why a change?  For the last 3-6 months, Briana really hated going to practices, league games, and tournaments.  She lost her love for the game.  Why?  I really believe it's because she wasn't playing with her age group.  There were a large number of girls playing up into her age group.  The focus on "leave it on the field" soccer was not there from the younger players.

The decision to leave the previous team was a tough one because we grew some great relationships with some of the players/parents on the team and especially with the coach.

I'm happy to say that Briana will be playing with Texas Spirit 94 Girls White team based in Plano.  The smile is definitely back on Briana's face!  The girls on the team have welcomed her with open arms.  The team seems very focused and full of skilled players.  As well, we love the coach!

We cannot wait for a fun filled year of soccer!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Official 5K Results

I was a bit slower in the Independence 5K according to the official results.  The official results have me at 29:51.  I'll take it!  I'm sure I can beat that time in the future.  :)

Still crazy to think that I was 17 out of 19 in the Male 40-44 age group.  As Scottie from Star Trek would say, "I'm giving it all she's got, Captain!"  I finished 212 out of 329 awesome runners.

I rocked White Rock Lake!

Running 003-webI ran in the Independence 5K down at Dallas White Rock Lake this morning.  I ran the my fastest 5K so far.  My Garmin watch had it at 29:14... which is totally crazy!  My previous best 5K time was 30:48 which was last month.  I started out a lot faster than I thought I should have with my first mile at 9:26.  I'm so pumped at the beginning of a race that it seems I always start out faster than I should.  My second mile I slowed down to 9:42 which is still well ahead of my normal running pace.  The third mile I was feeling great so I kept up the pace and actually kicked it a little higher with a 9:14 mile.  I believe that's my fastest mile so far.  What an awesome feeling to keep better and better as I go along.

White Rock Lake is such a beautiful place to run!  There were so many walkers, runners, and bikers in the park.  I cannot wait to get back down there for my long runs.

I was so glad that Ursula came along.  I didn't know anybody there and it was so awesome to see her smiling face as I got to the finish line.

Running 007-webYo Denise... here's your dog picture!  We saw a biker that had their 3 little dogs in the child carrier on the back of their bike.  Of course, we had to get a picture.  We had one of these kiddie carriers for Briana and Cairo when they were wee little!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mosquito Running

While traveling it's always interesting trying to find a place to run.  I've always checked out MapMyRun.com to help me find shared routes near the hotel I'm stating at or to create my own running route. 

This time I tried a different approach, I visited the local running store, Runner's Edge.  I asked them about local running trails and they pointed me to Old School Forest Preserve.  Everyone at the store was very helpful!  That's what I love about this close knit running community - everyone's so darn helpful!  They even printed out the map for me.

Old School Forest Preserve was so much fun!  It's so much more fun running where there's scenery to check out instead of hitting the pavement.  The only bad part is that I had some little friends chasing me and biting at me.  The mosquitos were out in full force last night.  I'm hoping that they're going to sleep in tomorrow as I'll be back at it tomorrow morning.

P.S. - I'll be running in a 5K on Saturday July 5th with the Dallas Running Club.  I'm looking forward to it as it'll be the first time to run at White Rock Lake.