Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Do I Do?

Mark-0608When you meet someone new, one of the most common questions is "What do you do?"  For the majority of the times your job identifies who you are and what your passions are.  This definitely holds true for me.  I thoroughly enjoy my job!  I'm passionate about what I do!

So, what do I do?  I get to work with churches.  I help them care for their attendees, members, congregants, or as my daughter would say... peeps by using Fellowship One created by an awesome group of people at Fellowship Technologies

Specifically, I do the following:  Learn the church's processes in several areas of the church that care for their people.  I then configure the software to their needs.  After the church staff and key volunteers have taken required online training, we dig into how to use the software in a day to day basis.  As well, I get to teach them how to use this people care system to truly make sure that they're caring for all of the individuals coming to the church.  The information is there, they just have to know how to use the tool (Fellowship One) to care for them and assist them with their walk with Christ.

I've been working at Fellowship Technologies for nearly 3 years.  September will be my 3rd full year.  I've got to work with over 80 churches during that time ranging from 100 to 16,000 in attendance for a typical weekend.  Each church is the same in their primary goal of reaching people for Christ.  However, they're all very unique with specific needs on how they care for their peeps.  It's for me to learn these creative differences and enable them to continue their processes using a different tool to continue caring for their people.

I truly consider it an honor and pleasure to be in this position.  I am trusted with conveying the use of this tool to all of these churches that will be caring for so many people. 

A funny thing is, a couple of times when I've told people that I work with churches and have paused, I've had people say that they like their chicken.  Wrong Churches!  :)  However, I do like their fried chicken also... especially with hot sauce.  It's, of course, not the healthiest choice for you.

Up above, I'm pictured at one of my churches that I worked with in Ohio.

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