Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vonage Goodness!

vonageI've been using Vonage Phone Service since October 2006 and absolutely love it.  With having family in a few different states it really helps keep the long distance phone bills to a minimum.  As well, with working from home, I get to make all of my calls to my customers for free.  Well not entirely free, but it's included in the monthly charge of $24.99.

Cool Features that I love

  • Money Savings - I love having a fixed cost for my phone bill that has not changed since I started the service.
  • Voice Mail - The voice mail works when someone is on the phone or the Internet is down at the house.
  • Voice Mail - The voice mail actually gets e-mailed to me.  I'm notified immediately if there is a voice mail as it goes straight to my BlackBerry.
  • Portable - I can take it with me!  If I'm on vacation somewhere, I could actually take my home phone with me.  The Internet device is small enough that I could easily pack it up and take it with me.  That would allow me to be able to make and receive home phone calls.
  • Other Cool Features - There are a lot of other cool features that you could subscribe to such as having your voice mails transcribe to text and sent to your email.  Having an additional phone number established in an area where you have a lot of family members.  This would allow them to make a local phone call to call you long distance.

If you've been thinking about getting Vonage or a Voice over IP phone service, please click on this link and enter my home phone number where prompted.  It's a very painless sign up process.  If you don't have my home phone number, send me an e-mail and I'll give it to you.  Of course, you have to promise not to call at 2am or you'll have the wrath of Ursula to deal with!

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