Saturday, June 7, 2008

Race for the Cure 5K

Briana-Mark-5kIt was great time running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Race in Plano this morning.  It was a bit early for everyone to get up, but I'm so glad that everyone came out to support me.  I had a blast!

Briana and I did very well.  I beat my time from Cincinnati by at least 1 minute.  I'm not totally sure what my time was.  I was too darn caught up in all of the excitement to start and stop my watch at the Start and Finish lines.  I'm sure they'll have it online as I paid extra for the timing chip.

It was pretty darn hot, but the cloud cover was awesome and there was a nice breeze.  My shirt was soaked by time I finished.

Thanks to Denise for the inspirational email last night.  I appreciated it so much!  In honor of Denise and her love for dogs... our cameraman - Cairo took a picture of just about every dog that he saw.

It was great to see friends from church and from the kids' school.  We all enjoyed getting the freebies after the race.

I cannot wait until my next race!  I'm sure that it won't be for awhile since it's way too hot to run here in Texas!

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Joanbayonne said...

Great job Mark on your race. Love the dog pics too. I am jealous of your accomplishments. I hope to start up on the c25k again next week once school lets out and I won't have to work for a while. Are you still posting on sparkpeople? Good luck with your training.

C25K Sparkperson