Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a weekend!

I'm posting this from the Cincinnati Airport. What an incredible weekend! First, I had a great time running my first FK and then today was Denise's turn to rock out there with her Marathon run!

Denise did a great job running today. She had a couple of blisters that she had to bottle through. Also, she was getting through some stomach problems. Despite these challenges, she wasn't too far off from her PR (Personal Record). I couldn't help myself and had to run with her. I ran with her for a mile and a half at about mile 15. Then I ran with her from mile 19 to 26. I didn't intend to run with her for 7 miles, but felt good at mile 23 and there was ONLY 4 miles left! I'm paying for it now... my legs are very sore!

Did I mention that it rained yesterday? :) Here are a couple of pictures of Briana and I after the race soaked. I'll be posting more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome Mark! You truly give my husband and me HOPE. We are now on week three and going strong. Congrats to your sister and daughter too. It's great to have a support system. I know that I couldn't do it on my own will power, I need my husbands too. hehe
I thank God that we have been able to support one another on this life changing lifestyle.

Congrats again and God Bless

Nelly Flores

Jeff said...

You're quite an inspiration, Mark! I feel a little bit guilty as I just sit here on the couch after I read what you've accomplished (I didn't even know you had taken up running until Nick mentioned it at the staff meeting on Friday).

You've inspired me to get fit, so, from now on, I'm getting Diet Coke with my double whataburger with extra cheese and bacon and large onion rings! :-)