Saturday, May 3, 2008

My First 5K

First of all, I need to give God all the glory!  He's so awesome with giving me the confidence and capability to use the body that he gave me!

I did it!  I ran my first 5K!  I love saying my "first 5K" because I'm sure that there'll be plenty more.

Denise-Briana-MarkIt was great to run with my sister, Denise and my daughter, Briana.  Here's a picture of us after we ran.  Briana decided that, yes, should we would run the race with us after all.  I'm so happy that she did!  She was quite the natural!

There are so many thoughts running through my head after running the race.

Before the start of the race was a challenge as we tried to find the port-a-potties for one last pit stop.  They were a bit out of the way.  We got back to the start line with a few minutes to go.  We lined up at about 3/4 of the way in the back of the pack.  The START was announced and it was pretty exciting as we waited for our turn to start.  It was weird running with a whole bunch of other runners as I've been at this running thing on my own.  At first I wasn't sure about my pace, but my plan was just to keep comfortable and not push myself.  The start of the race is a bit crazy because we're all bunched up together.  It takes a bit more to get around people and to make sure that I'm not in the way of others.  Also, I just had these crazy butterflies flying around.  I haven't had those since seeing Ursula for the first time!  :)

The three of us stayed together until about .8 mile.  Denise and Briana trailed back a bit at their pace.  I was on my own until about 2.2 miles and then Briana caught up with me.  She stayed long enough to say "HEY!" and then ran off at her pace.

I had fun feeding off the supporters and slapping everyone FIVE as I ran by.  It was such a great celebration!

I'm not sure of my exact finishing time.  I think it was at about 31:50.  I can live with that!  It was fun getting my medal, water, gatorade, snacks, and my own mylar blanket after the race.  You know you're a runner when you get a mylar blanket!

The 5K was fast and a bit short lived... I cannot wait to do a 10K and am ultimately looking forward to the Half Marathon in November!  After the run, I just wanted to stay and hang out with my new found friends.

The only negative thing is that it was raining at about mile 2.  However, the temperature was in the 60's and it wasn't too bad.

One tip for ya'll... if you're going to run your first 5K, try to run it in conjunction with a large event such as a marathon.  The atmosphere is so much more exciting.  It's also cool to go to the Runner's Expo to get a whole bunch of free goodies.

I'll post pictures, additional thoughts, and my true time later.

Thanks to Denise, Briana, Gary, Debbie, Michael, and Kayla for being there for my first race.  You guys rock!

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