Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walmart and Other Happenings

  • I'm a not a huge fan of Walmart, just because I'm pretty much on sensory overload when I go into these stores. Too much of too much everywhere you look. They do have awesome prices though. Anyway, I went grocery shopping with Ursula and I noticed the sign above. Definitely seems like a great deal!
  • Cairo has been wearing a boot for the last week. No, not a cowboy boot, but one of those that you need after injuring your leg/ankle. He strained his Achilles tendon last Saturday. He did this while refereeing 5 year olds. He zigged when he should have zagged. He only has to have it on for a week so it's not that severe.
  • We had a glimpse of greatness on Sunday. We saw Deion Sanders at Sports Authority in Frisco. He was shopping with two of his young sons. We didn't bother him and pretty much everyone else in the store knew who he was, but didn't get all crazy. It looks like he's going to in a reality show. I might have to watch just to check out his 40,000 square foot house that's about 15 minutes north of us.
  • I'm teaching Pastor Jesse's class tonight. I will be teaching on Prayer. I pray that all goes well as I share what God has put on my heart on this important topic.

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