Friday, April 25, 2008

Road ID

Sometimes it's really crazy running outside on the sidewalks, trails, and roads.  People, drivers, and all just don't look out for you.  With my travels I've been running in all kinds of places.  Especially with places that I'm not sure if they have continuous sidewalks or not.  At times I might have to run on the road for a little bit.  I run toward oncoming traffic so I can see the cars coming toward me.  It seems that people are in too much of a hurry to allow you enough room.  It gets scary at times.  I would run on the shoulder of the road, but it's usually pretty rough.  Also, just simply crossing the street is a bit crazy.

I just bought a Road ID after all of the craziness and being urged by Ursula.  We definitely have to look out for ourselves more than the cars out there, because if we don't... we lose!

This is not only for runners, but also for cyclists!  You know who you are, but you've probably already got one of these.

Anyway, if you're interested in saving $1 then you can use the Coupon Code of ThanksMark366819.  The code is good for 20 people to use and expires on 5/25.

I chose the one that you place on your shoe, because I didn't think that I'd like the feel of having something on my ankle or wrist.

Happy Running and Cycling!

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