Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Soccer Weekend

We had a fun filled Soccer Weekend! Cairo won his soccer game with a score of 6-0. His team is very solid as they've been playing together for several seasons. They have one main rival that will be a challenge coming up in a few weeks.

Briana, Cairo, and I then refereed for 3 hours in the afternoon. Cairo had the youngest players - 5 year olds, Briana had 7 year olds and then I had 9 year old players. It was alot of fun being out there in the middle of all of the action. There's a picture of all three of us in our referee uniforms.

Lastly, we got to see FC Dallas play the LA Galaxy and of course... David Beckham! He truly is awesome! I've never seen a soccer player like him. He's pretty much like a quarterback in American Football. He's got great vision of the field and he can pass the ball like a quarterback passing the ball in the front of the receiving forward while they're on a run. Simply incredible! He did this several times during the game. He took all of the free kicks and corner kicks for LA. I guess a low light for him was that he got a yellow card for dissent with the referees over a call or two. Every time he took a corner kick or free kick, hundreds of camera flashes would go off around the stadium. It was pretty hard to get pictures of the great passes and free kicks that he had, but I did get a picture of the yellow card. :) Check out the camera and cell phone camera getting a picture of the action. The stadium was the most filled I have ever seen it. It was great to see that!

By the way, I got a great deal on the tickets at a web site called http://www.stubhub.com/. This is a web site where normal people sell their tickets through this company StubHub. You can see exactly where the seats are - Section and Row and the price. We got the tickets for $12 a piece. A great deal considering that the face value was probably $25. I also got to see the Dallas Cowboys play the Minnesota Vikings during preseason for $25 while in Minneapolis last September. Check out StubHub for tickets to any sporting event, concert, etc.

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Ciaro, you look like a real pro!